Thursday, December 29, 2011

The new way to advertise!

The world has changed so much when it comes to business on the internet. There are so many tools that did not exist in the past to help get the word out about a new company or special promotion. Facebook advertising has opened up a huge door for word of mouth advertising on the web. One friend likes and views your Facebook advertisement then their friends see it and so on and so on. What a great way to get the word out to niches that you might not even think to target market to!

Having Pets

Having Pets

This guest post from Lenny Mcknight

Having pets is something that’s really important to me but there’s nothing about having this many dogs that I would have asked for. My sister got two and suddenly got deployed and I had to take them and then my daughter brought home one from school that she found in the parking lot. I already had two at home so we ended up with 5 dogs and now my house is overrun like a kennel! I went to Piedra Calidornia Hughes Netproviders near us so I could start ordering our dog food in bulk and I actually got a good deal on one of those electric fences. Good thing I’ve got a big yard and all these dogs are big enough to be outdoor animals! I love them to death but it’s like having 5 more kids and that’s a lot of work for someone with a full time job and no husband like me! I could use a nap and a weekend at the kennel for the pups!

Snuggle up for warmth!

Now that winter is finally approaching as it has been an unusually hot one in Virginia I am looking for some new winter duds to keep me snug as a bug in a rug. There are so many new trends to follow in fashion in real world and in the game of second life. Fur vests seem to be a universal trend across the board. They are warm and very durable. They can accentuate a wide variety of outfits. I would recommend either getting a cream or white colored vest or a black to maximize mixing and matching potential. I found that keeping your wardrobe down to a minimum number of colors with accent colors allows for you to create new looks easier. A hot look would be a black trouser and shirt set with a cream fur vest over layered and some hot red bangle accents! Just because it is winter doesn't mean you cant be cute!

You could also go for ab it on the wild side with a more eye catching patterned fur vest. That is an adorable look that can still be classy yet fun. Tie the vest with a belt for a curve revealing outfit. I definitely could see this paired with some black pants and a black shirt. Matching boots would just add to the fur vest. So do not forget just because it is winter you do not have to cover up without being fashionable! You can learn to stay warm and still be cute with the right outer wear! Dont forget about getting a great fur jackets for sale to really maximize your options.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Waking up the day

I find myself waking up for work with a need to get motivated. I pour a cup of jo to try to get that caffeine pick me up but sometimes my body wants more. I should say my soul wants more! Turning on some awesome music videos gets my brain ready to face the upcoming day. I think that the music video channels understand this as all morning they play allot of music. With a few good songs by Rihanna and my mood is up lifted. I know I could just play it but there is nothing like seeing the imagery that the artist has in mind when they conjure up the ideas for their videos. It is like an out pouring of their soul being shown on the high def screen for us to enjoy and interpret. Every artist has their own spin on videos from fantasy to realistic. I often wonder what they base their concepts on. I think I would use memories or dreams to build a base for my video but the fantasy does keep it interesting.

I really like to keep up with what is current in the music world. I find myself listening to a wide variety of genres. I think that music transcends all boundaries in life. Music is a wonderful expression for illustrating emotions or ideas and allowing the listener to really be there right alongside the artist. A visual feast for the mind and ears encompassing all senses. SO when you wake up and need some motivation grab your coffee, turn on your music videos, and get a breath of fresh air and start the day out with no turning back.

acid and the medicine that saves our stomaches!

My boyfriend is a fan of spicy foods and I am new to the game. Recently He purchased some dehydrated ghost chili's and wanted us to try them. Now if you are unfamiliar with them they are one of the hottest chili's out there. The spice level is something that can used to spicy food we all know it is not a good idea. I however can be persuaded so I tried some. Let me tell you the burn gets worse over time. It comes on then bites you and keeps going for minutes after you have swallowed. I was like I had some prevacid to get me through it! I buy prevacid for this reason! I can not handle spicy food and have issues with acid well add ghost chili's and ouch! I have wanted to try protonix but have yet to buy protonix. There is definitely some truth to acid and the foods you eat being connected because after the ghost chili experience I was willing to try anything to get rid of that acid!!!

Buying prescriptions can be so expensive I have a friend that is always looking for a good place to
buy premarin and have it delivered to her house. I have to say I feel lucky I have not gotten to the point of having to use premarin. The best thing about the Internet is the ease that it brings to every day life. Purcahsing your medication on the net and not having to deal with waiting in line is a definite perk. I also know people on rather embarrassing meds and not having to pick them up in person can also make it alot less painful.

I say do not be afraid to allow things to make life a little easier and check out some of the ways to save time and usually money as well!

Getting Creative with Raven

I have recently started to expand my horizons in the creative world. I have always been a photographer and graphic artist as you have seen in my secondlife world. I have since added video production to the list. Youtube is so huge anymore it makes you feel left out to not have a video up. Literally seems everyone is creating videos. The difference is making a video that really stands out and is professionally created. I have not had time to learn alot of the software so it is always helpful to have someone that is able to assist and really make your video stand out from the pack.

What really makes you stand out is some good voice actors to bring some spice to the mix. Videos are boring with one voice present but when you have a slew of different tones and voice sounds it keeps people interested and always waiting to see whats next. I wish I was able to do impersonations but it has never been a really good talent of mine. I can mimick accents but that isnt always enough to keep it interesting. Finding a place that is able to do a studio center total production makes things easier on yourself and allows your creative juices to flow with less stress and headache. I wish I Was talented to be a one girl band but unfortunately I need to sometimes pull in others to really make something as successful as you envision it. I am hoping my new youtube project will really take off but if not it is just fun and exciting to try something new.

Si kick back and keep your eye on youtube for something new from Raven! I am sure it will be fun and creative showing you a new light of my personality!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Come on I feel like getting lucky!

Now that I have your attention! My boyfriend has recently been teaching me the art of poker. It truly is an art of odds versus your ability to beat them and read your opponets! I was concerned at first I would not be able to remember all of the hands and their orders. After hours of practicing, and at first using cheat sheets, I have finally gotten it down enough to play with others. I was searching for the Best US Poker Sites so that I could continue the interaction and practice when I was in the comfort of my home. Continued playing really does sharpen your skills with the cards.

I found some awesome Online Casinos for USA Players while searching the web. It was nice to be able to meet up with others that have a love for the sport. Yes I do mean sport! I have found myself sitting in the mornings wearing pjs and drinking a cup of jo while trying my luck against these players. The ohs and ahs and excitement do not disappear just because I am in the privacy of my home. As a matter of fact it allows me to drop my poker face making it more comfortable to let loose!

Poker Sites USA is a favorite in helping me get my game on. Learning and playing poker has brought me closer to my boyfriend. It is nice we have a game we both love to play and can enjoy together. OK I have to admit the competition can be a little stiff when we really get going, but I keep telling myself in the end we will love each other no matter who gets their butt handed to them.

Retirement planning even early in the game!

I have to say I am feeling a little old now that I am seriously thinking about a retirement plan. I learned from my dad that starting early is a good idea. The economy is so slow that you never know what to expect and having to work until you die is no real option for me. What ever happened to the good old days where people retired and drove in RVs all around the country? I started looking for an online broker to assist me with my questions.

I had alot of questions as I was new to the world of stocks, bonds, and IRA accounts. The learning curve was steep but I managed to climb it filled with curiousity and a desire to better my future. There is so much information out there it can be like a virtual overload of your circuits, but I found with the right guidance the scare can be taken out of online trading. A few sessions and I finally felt I was in control of my future. Planning early on has allowed me to leave my options open and build for a secue pillow to lull me into the golden years. With todays technology, mainly being mobile phones it allows you to be able to access your accounts effortlessly and at all times. Mobile trading has left me feeling completely in control of my options.

I know alot of you are thinking you do not need to rush into planning but trust me making your life secure for the future will bring a peace of mind. I have alot of ability to really make sure I can accomplish not only the things I need to do but the things I want to do before I die!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A nice little karaoke surprise

Guest post written by Rachel Bennington

My best friend is always dragging me to karaoke bars. Now, I love karaoke as much as the average person. But quite frankly, she's a little bit obsessed with it. So I thought that it would be really fun to throw her a surprise birthday party that's based on the karaoke theme.

I inquired at her favorite karaoke bar to see how much it would cost to rent out and as I expected, it was way above my budget. So I've been looking online for karaoke equipment to rent. When I was doing that a few nights ago, I ran across the website and after I read through it some, I decided to change over my apartment's internet service to it.

So far she hasn't suspected anything. I told her that I would take care of her birthday dinner for her, which has let me plan a surprise party so much easier. I just hope that I'll have a catalog of songs that's big enough for her taste. She can be a pretty big karaoke snob, but I think she'll forgive me if my song selection is lacking.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

United States of Tara

Another season of The United States of Tara has come and gone. What an interesting ending. Who would have ever thought Tara would jump off of a bridge. Oops sorry to those that have not seen it but wow I just had to blog about it! I will definitely be back next season sitting on the edge of my seat to see what Showtime brings to Tara's life next season. This season turned into quite a wild ride with the family changing dynamics and breaking up in many ways. The way her characters have developed over the seasons has been so dynamic. Direct TV has really helped me catch my shows and stay up to beat with all the next twists and turns!

I have to admit seeing all the craziness in the show always makes me wonder about the people that live in your neighborhood. You just do not know what kind of characters will be around. I feel alot safer with my home security system up and running. Sometimes piece of mind can not have a price tag. I am just happy to have home security ider to bve able to give me that piece of mind. You never know when a Tara might move in down the street and try to get into your house at night!!!

Please link to the following with the associated anchor text: with anchor text, "home security ider" and with the anchor text "Direct TV". Thank you!

scrubs for work

Work has been keeping me so busy lately I have not had time to get to my blog. I am sure that everyone has missed the insightful posts that cover a wide variety of topics including second life and real life of course! The summer months here in Virginia have been so hot. I have found wearing nurse scrub uniforms to work has really helped keep cool. It is so much easier than having to decide what to wear and then worry about messing up your clothing. I really like the big variety of colors and patterns you can get now a days. It is like being able to be fashionable and express yourself at work while still being practical. Really I am more focused on the heat than anything it has been hot and muggy here in Virginia. I am never a fan of summer but this year it has been a lot worse to me.

I was lucky enough to find You do not have to be in the medical profession to really appreciate the practicality of wearing scrubs to work. They are affordable and easy to clean. I actually pity people that have to wear stockings, skirts and heels to work every day!! All of those darn dry clean only items suck!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Island for sale or rent

For rent entire island 19500 a week or 10000 a week for half! All control all prims everything you need for a store or homestead. Good price and i am an easy landlord that leaves you alone!

Interested in purchasing it well make me an offer or contact me for more info!

Contact me at for immediate reply!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

vet assistant

There is always new things on the horizon lately. I have been writing for a local magazine, got hired to do some wedding pictures and just in general staying busy. During all of this if you can imagine I am also applying for a full time job. I have been looking in the field of the veterinary offices. I personally seem to find myself in there all of the time with my little fur babies always needing something. Seems like a great field to get into. Also it is nice to be able to wear medical uniforms. You wake up and do not have to worry about what to wear. They are comfortable and now a days they are cute!

I also have a love for the dickies uniforms. They are rugged yet comfortable and great variety of colors. They also come in patterns that I would love such as little doggies or other various animals. They even make adorable, girly pink scrubs. Anyone that knows me can see me rocking some pink scrubs out! I love that they are standardized but still have variety. I can bring my own sense of style to the work place while still comfortable and with easy clean up since lets face it being a vet assistant can be a messy job! So wish me luck I heard they hire a lot in spring so a great time to be making the change!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My crazy argyle winter cape

Guest post written by Brit Hanover

People might say that I'm a little too quick to jump on fashion trends. I'd lean more toward saying that I just keep up to date with fashion trends, but I definitely have the Juicy Couture velour track suits to back up their claims. Well, anyway, right now my favorite winter weather fashion trend is the cape. It's basically like a coat except instead of sleeves for your arms, it wraps around you and has slits for you to stick your arms through. It's so adorable and precious. When I see people wear it I think of Paris and they just look so romantic. So of course I had to have one for myself.

I went online to try and get one for a steal during the post-holiday sales. When I was doing that I ran across this site and after I looked through it a little bit, I decided to sign up for the interent service that I found on there.

I was a little hesitant to buy a cape I couldn't try on first, but I found a designer one on clearance on Outnet and couldn't resist it. It's basic black and look so incredibly chic when I wear it. I think this will be a piece for the long haul.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Learning the game of poker!

TV has been interesting lately. I have been watching professional poker players. It is a great way to learn some of the tricks of the trade. The average person might associate poker playing with a seedy underworld of gambling but this is an unfair assumption as alot of the poker players are well educated and active in their community. One that stands out is Daniel Moravec. He is a well educated poker player that breaks free of the stereo typical stigma that goes along with the profession.

To see Daniel Moravec and learn about his passions you will definitely get a different perspective. Innovative in the realm he will be one to talk about for a long time. His skills are amazing. I really enjoy watching his poker games to just try to figure out the logic of his moves. I like to play a little bit of poker but not for the high stakes these guys play for. I do not know if i could stand the pressure. Daniel Moravec stays so cool and collected under the pressure. I definitely admire his (no pun intended) poker face!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


It again never surprises me the drama and creativity that the writers for Californication can bring into the life of Hank Moody, self loathing writer who always seems to be in a bind. The new season brings cliff hangers and shocking turns as once again the cast follows the life of Moody this time trying to get around legal issues that have come into his life thanks to Mia's book. Tv shows have changed since I was younger. The scenarios are alot more developed and intense. Satellite TV has brought the complexity of modern American's lives into our homes so we can feel more normal about our own complications.

I am looking forward to the rest of the season as Runkle has already proven his character will always be that little, lovable guy that always gets the short end of the stick. THe question is will it be his kid with Marcy or will it be someone else's? We can only stay tuned in thanks to our
Satellite TV.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WInter's harsh effects on skin

The winter months are so dry and harsh on your skin. You really need to keep up with a beauty regiment to keep your skin from aging. I have tried alot of products over the years from the expensive to the down right cheap but it is alway hard to find a complete system that your skindoes not have an adverse reaction to some part of the beauty routine. I have had issues with the heavy night creams bothering me or in some cases the purifying masks turning my face bright red. I have found a system that works will leaving my skin soft, smooth and supple. It just takes that one line to solve the issue of dry, tired, winter skin. THe price is about average running less than some of the lines carried in Macy's or Jc Penneys. I actually like the mail order option so if I do not feel like going to the mall to resupply all i have to do is order over the net and have it delivered. I highly reccomend trying Meaningful Beauty skin line by Cindy Crawford. It comes with 8 different pieces in the set so you truly have a creme or cleanser for all events. The price is right and the product works well all around. SIgn in to the website and give it a shot you will not be disappointed!

The debt of every day life

In these times it is so easy to get behind with credit cards. You need to fix your car, your pet needs to go to the vet, or you need medication it all adds up so quickly. I know a vet visit is never any less than $80 for any type of serice and medication. I do not know how to stay ahead. In these horrible economies it is good to find a debt company that will help you sort through the mess of bills that life brings you. WIth the right counseling and some help you can dig your way back out. The most important thing is jumping in head fist to get a start at making a change in the way you do things. Freedom debt relief can help you with these problems. You just have to go to the site and register there is no obligation or catch for you to receive the information you need to alleviate the stress and pressures.

Monday, January 17, 2011

inbox dollars

I currently use inbox dollars as a way to make extra cash. you do get paid to read ads or to take surveys I have made a nice little bit of money from doing this. You also get paid for shopping or printing out and using coupons I highly recommend it for anyone looking to make money while doing something they already do.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ravenwear Island space for rent

I am looking to rent out 1/8 of an island. approx 1875 prims The rent would be 12500 lindens a month. You would hae complete control from terrain to estate management of your area. The rest of the island is inhabited by business including my own. I am willing to rent and even larger portion out if you are interested just contact me for more info! I look forward to hearing from you!

Wisdom Teeth

Well today I have to have my wisdom teeth yanked. I am deciding to be a big girl and get all 4 done at one time. I have heard horror stories and then on the other end people saying they ate pizza the same day. I of course am hoping for the latter. I used to have an extreme fear of the dentist. I had put off going for years when something happened ... I over came my fear and started going reguraly. As a matter of fact I go every six months for cleanings. I learned that going to the dentist as well as brushing teeth and flossing all the time really is worth it in the long run. I had to have a root canal due to not going so I am now aware of what is at stake. Wish me luck fellow avid bloggers!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Art in the hall

There are so many amazing artists around. I find myself being pulled into a more pop art type style that represents current on going pop culture with a simplistic yet well done artistic creation. A cohesive color scheme paired with a linear scheme invokes a certain feeling. It really brings a seriousness to the piece. Shepard fairey art shows both these two elements in the art. I like how the prints bring together a certain feeling. They feature current and past events and tell a story. Shepard fairey prints to me are best framed in a simplistic black thin style frame. This frame does not take away from the feel of the original art. I am not a fan of ornate frames in which the frame becomes the piece of art and the art itself is overshadowed.

Obey giant art brings a certain message with the art. I find this very important. I love the way something beautiful can also have a powerful voice. Art is a wonderful tool to use to express your views with the world. My newest area to decorate is the hallway. I used to have photos up but decided I wanted to put some art pieces the lead your eye down the hallway. I think I will go with something in this genre as it really makes you think as you view the piece and is also eye catching as well.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sister Act on Broadway

I loved the movie Sister Act. Nothing brought a laugh to my face like whoopi Goldberg in a habit being her usual crazy self. When I heard it was coming to Broadway it really peaked my interest. Seeing the hilarious action live would bring a smile to even the harshest critic's face. I have seen one other act on Broadway and it was well worth the ticket price. Just going into the city on a weekend and ending it with a night on Broadway is something you see in the movies. If you are wanting to impress a girlfriend this is the way to go and I would highly recommend.
A good part is the show can be enjoyed by a wide audience. It is not a chic flick type genre that some Broadway acts revolve around. Perfect even to go to with your boyfriend and both get a good laugh. get tickets for Sister Act so you can watch it bring comedic relief from the movie screen to live performance with a delightful talented cast. I have plenty of time to plan a night to remember! A little dinner in the city followed by a memorable performance. I am looking forward to seeing the show even though I am looking to go in April a show definitely worth the wait!

Throwback NYE cocktails

Guest post written by Mindy Wilson

I love vintage things. If it was my choice and I could find the clothes to fit me I would wear vintage, but unfortunately it's not that way. I also love antiques and just learning about the past in general. Period TV shows and also movies are really great too, so I thought that for New Year's Eve this year I would throw a period party and get everyone to dress up like it's the 20's.

One of my favorite shows right now is "Boardwalk Empire" so I decided to just tell people to dress based on the show they didn't know what to wear. I even sent them links to screen shots of the cast with my Wireless Internet just in case they needed a visual and had never seen the show.

I went to a costume rental shop and have been looking up some NYE cocktails that they would have drank back in the 20's, except it will be legal now. I think everyone's going to appreciate my extra effort and hopefully everyone will dress up.