Wednesday, March 23, 2011

vet assistant

There is always new things on the horizon lately. I have been writing for a local magazine, got hired to do some wedding pictures and just in general staying busy. During all of this if you can imagine I am also applying for a full time job. I have been looking in the field of the veterinary offices. I personally seem to find myself in there all of the time with my little fur babies always needing something. Seems like a great field to get into. Also it is nice to be able to wear medical uniforms. You wake up and do not have to worry about what to wear. They are comfortable and now a days they are cute!

I also have a love for the dickies uniforms. They are rugged yet comfortable and great variety of colors. They also come in patterns that I would love such as little doggies or other various animals. They even make adorable, girly pink scrubs. Anyone that knows me can see me rocking some pink scrubs out! I love that they are standardized but still have variety. I can bring my own sense of style to the work place while still comfortable and with easy clean up since lets face it being a vet assistant can be a messy job! So wish me luck I heard they hire a lot in spring so a great time to be making the change!

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