Monday, August 24, 2009

A return to second life

After a long absence from second life I am returning! I am in the process of making a new line of hair textures!!! I am very excited to get back into the hair business. I have missed designing and prim torturing. The new hair textures will include alot of anime style textures. Different colors from platinum blonde to black with punk accents! Such awesome names as Sunset, Mocha coffee, witchy, ice shine just to name a few. So keep your eyes open for the new colors. I will be redoing some of the older styles with the new textures as well as making new hair. I just needed a kick in the butt to get back in. If there are any designers looking to rent store space on the island please drop me a line very reasonable for parcels. Shown on the picture are prim tears there will be more styles coming soon! Skin shown also for sale at Ravenwear!

Onto some real life fun.... My significant other got a speeding ticket on his trip to Baton Rogue :O It was near Myrtle Beach Resort Speeding of course what else do we do when we are on long trips! He swears he had no options but to speed lol What sucks is as he whizzed past the Myrtle Beach Accomodations he was in a line with a car in front and a car behind him. The cop proceeded to gun him and pick him out of the crowd. Isn't it always lovely when that happens. You have to wonder why life is so unfair lol So as he pulled over in the far off distance he saw the beautiful glimmer of happiness from the Myrtle Beach Resorts. All was ok he did not get arrested for speeding which is always a plus and life always goes on even in the face of a ticket. So remember kiddies do not speed or you will end up gettng singled out.... But it will take you longer to get to and fro what a bummer.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I hope everyone is having a good one. Life for me has been very sweet. Seems new things are coming up and everything looks so much better lately. I have been doing alot of fun summer stuff. I am thinking about going to see a football game in Georgia. I have a good friend that lives there I want to go visit. So I am looking at some Georgia Bulldogs Football Tickets
I know it is rather weird but i have never been to a football game well besides high school so seemed like something different to do. Besides bulldogs are the mascot. I have never been to Fenway Park either so thats another idea.
Fenway Park Tickets do not seem to be too very expansive and that is another place i have never been. Nothing like a cold beer and some stadium food!!! I have a good friend in Massachusettes too! So I guess I have alot of options really when ti comes down to it!

My friend from second life is actually in new york right now as we speak! You might remember Aria we used to have a store together? Well She is over here visiting and hopefully will soon be coming to visit me in Virginia! Part of me still would like to go to New York to visit though. Could always catch a game there but there is sooo much more to be able to do!

Or would visiting the relatives in Illinois be a better idea? I have not seen them in years which makes me feel bad. The distance is not fun when you do not fly! So there is always the chance of Wrigley Field Tickets those would be fun to see as well. Another mindless blabber of my brain and storming loads of information!