Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday crafts for the kids

Guest post written by Brent Walsh

Normally, it's not even Christmas Eve before the kids have gone stir crazy from being home from school for just a couple of days. Plus, me and my wife are normally stir crazy by them being stir crazy by then too. So I thought that this year we would plan way ahead and make sure that the kids are occupied until it's time for them to open their presents on Christmas Day and to possibly keep them from begging to open one of their presents early.

I was looking online after I got home from work a couple of days ago to see what I could get them to make that they would actually be willing and enjoy doing. When I was looking for that stuff, I saw some information about a CLEAR internet online offer and made the decision to change over our internet access to it. I've been so fed up with our old internet company for a while, that I had been meaning to shop around for another company soon anyway.

I found some eco-friendly holiday crafts that I think the kids are going to love, or at least IÕm praying they will.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Voice acting and the importance in commercials!

I have recently been branching out into other areas for internet business. You ever wonder where those perfect voices come from that introduce us to thousand of products and services a year? I discovered this awesome website for video production. They offer a wide variety of services. This is something i have always been interested in checking out for myself. The voices and productions that just captivate you require alot of resources. You need to find a good production team, a talented director filled with new ideas and some animated voice actors. Some of my favorites are the ones featuring the cartoon like voices they just grab you. We also can not forget the commanding voices of sport announcers that just draw you into the action of an event even when you are unable to see it! Male and female voices provide different draws for different products. Could you imagine a female doing the narration for such commercials as Lowes? It just would not work for me but you hear Gene Hackman doing a great job convincing shoppers that Lowes is a trusted store for your building needs. A voice in a commercial is a very important part if not the most important part of the commercial. Humans are taught to respond to what they know and hearing another human voice relay emotion invokes a response in us all. That is why it is important to make sure your audio production is perfect!

Radio commercial production is far different than tv commercial production but the end result is the same. You want to be able to evoke a thought or feeling in the listener with or without a product to visually see in front of them. Sound is one of the best ways to communicate with the masses. Hiring a good quality team is key in getting your message across. As a modern technology we really rely on commercials to get our product known and who has not wanted to purchase something after seeing a well done commercial. Always go for quality over discount as the old saying goes you get what you pay for.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Walking Dead comes to us weekly!

Have you seen the new series the Walking Dead on AMC? It really is a worth watch new series. I can not believe we are at the point in the world where a zombie series can come along and actually be successful and worth watching! My roommate was nice enough to dvr it for me on direct tv and we spent a nice evening watching it while eating a yummy dinner. I know who would think zombie guts would go well with dinner? Well it worked out for me! The cast was surprisingly good especially for being on a new series stemming off of a channel that is not known for its tv shows. If it was a bigger channel like Showtime or HBO I could definitely have expected the quality that I received in the Walking Dead series. Directv definitely made the viewing experiences alot easier since it was easy to find. The series is definitely a worth while event. I would recommend checking it out but it would be better if you were able to watch the first three episodes before catching the most recent one. The effects are surprisgly well done. I was always a fan of the George Romero zombie flicks more than any of the other attempts at zombie creations. This one is definitely worth it! The series airs Sunday nights at 10 on AMC check your directv packages for channel number and listing info.

Christmas Lights And Woodpiles

Contribution by German Flowers

Late autumn is a busy time for homeowners in my small Vermont town. Raking leaves, putting up storm windows and moving outdoor furniture into sheds are weekend projects for many of my neighbors.

I've been getting ready, myself. My house has those new windows, so I don't have to wrestle with the storm windows. I still have to make sure to have the furnace checked and the chimneys swept before heating season gets too far along. One afternoon always seems to be spent watching for the heating oil delivery man.

Every year I put off moving the summer's wood pile and stacking it closer to the house. Even with the furnace, sometimes it's nice to have a fire. Plus, if we're all going to be in the same room anyway, why heat the whole house? I wait until November most years, sometimes stacking wood in the snow.

My favorite winter preparation, though, is decorating the house. I know the neighbors think I'm crazy for putting the lights up so early, but there's something about that first night, after working in the crisp, leaf-scented air. I can't wait to watch my satellite television from with the tiny lights shining in the windows. It makes me think winter is really almost here.

Don't Mistake Existentialism For Living Or

Content by Levi Mcpherson

Students in liberal arts schools are tempted with the thinking of people whose minds internalized the world and its problems language of thought of the blase thinker. When not being regaled by John Wayne on direct tv satellite packages, I read such books as Being and Nothingness by Jean Paul Sartre. Listen and tell me why so many of us starving philosophers drown in the intoxicating thought language of Jean Paul Sartre. "Temporality is evidently an organized structure." When using the concept of time in philosophical discourse, the parts of time accepted by all people as proof without needed evidence or a "given" are time past, present and future. The "infinite series of 'nows' in which some are not yet and others are no longer- but rather as the structured moments of an original synthesis" or in the observation of what might be considered time as having passed "temporality" is perceived.

That existentialism conquered the world of philosophy in France and found many advocates in California is a givenbecause we have witnessed it in various movements. The postulate is why would a world turn away from reality into a wall facing nowhere and call that real and true? The withdrawal of post modern man has been a shadow play of lets pretend we care about living.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fall fun days!

In the midst of life we all need to get away with a good release. For some people it is travel for others movies or music events. I personally love a good metal show. The energy, the screaming and chanting of the crowd. I was looking forward to seeing Ozzy Osbourne. A little interesting tidbit I read is that Ozzy has weird genetics. Apparently researchers are studying his DNA and have found he is mutant which is why he did not die from all the drugs and alcohol. I know it sounds weird I had to reread it lol Now they are not saying he is mutant like xmen just in some way he has a tolerance. This is not why I wanted to see him but I thought it was an interesting side bar. He is playing at St Pete. You can find some great tickets at ST. PETE TIMES FORUM TICKETS

There is something about football games in the fall. Sitting in a stadium with the cool wind and warm blankets snuggling underneath with a fellow football fan. I am really interested in someACC Mens Football Championship Tickets so I can experience the fun and eat some yummy hot dogs and drink beer!

One thing I do not understand is the fact that our Verizon Amphitheater closes in the fall. I think it is the best time for out door concerts. It is very close to my house and i would love to see a nice concert outside in the fall with the leaves changing in the background and the wind blowing. I wish I was able to find some VERIZON CENTER TICKETS for fall it would make it all perfect.

Finally reading Breakfast of Champions

Guest post written by Brett Howell

I think that lots of people keep a mental list of all the books that they'd like to read when they get around to it. But I keep an actual list in a Word document on my computer because it's just easier that way. A lot of those book titles are actually by Kurt Vonnegut. I read some of his books in school and have meant to read the rest of his eventually but I guess that life happened so I haven't really gotten around to it.

I was looking up some of those book titles to buy online with my ClearWirelessInternetService and got lucky and found this really big collection of a bunch of his books being sold together for pretty cheap so I went ahead and took that deal even though I had read two or three of them already. I thought they would also just be nice to have to put on my bookshelf.

The first one of those that I'm reading is Breakfast of Champions. I saw the movie a while back and so that's why it was one of the first ones I wanted to read.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Thanks for the post from Nora Mccoy

Outlaw is a new show featuring Jimmy Smits. I was a little hesitant at first to get addicted to another crime show (I currently watch several loyally) but the promise of one of my favorite actors, Jimmy Smits, was too much to pass up. This show currently runs on NBC and is still in its first season. It is one of the few shows that my entire family can agree on watching. It features for United States Justice Cyrus Garza who, after becoming tired of a judicial system that cares more about the law than protecting the people, steps down from the bench and begins practicing law again. He creates a rag-tag team of lawyers and his office is in his home, mostly out of the kitchen. I love the humor that NBC puts into the show. Never has an episode gone that has not had me laughing out loud. It also brings a humanitarian element to the show. Justice Garza takes on human interest cases that test not only his personal beliefs but the constitution and the beliefs of the country. He goes out of his way to make sure that he gives his all in every case even if it does not always match up with his personal beliefs. This is why me and my family tune in week after week on our dish tv.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Next best thing to True Blood

Guest post written by Rodney Schrute

When I have time to do something fun, I fully commit to it. That goes for TV shows and books especially. I watched the whole first season of True Blood in a whole day and then picked up the second season right after that. Then I caught the third season as it aired on TV this summer. So since the third season finale I've been reading all of the books that the show's based off of. Except now my problem is that I'm through with all the ones that are out by now, which is around a dozen I think.

So I went online the other day and found out that the author of the True Blood books has actually written lots of other books too, which people also think are really good. After I was through looking up stuff about them, I saw this site and read through it. Right after that I switched over my internet service to it.

I picked up a Charlain Harris mystery at the library, not really realizing that it was a book in a mystery series. Needless to say, IÕm trying to find the rest in that series to read.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My best friends wedding

My best friend is getting married. I am so very excited for them. They have been engaged for a few years and after being very patient the date has been set for January. The ceremony will be lovely. They are going with a less traditional approach to make it their own. I actually prefer this to the standard weddings. I love seeing the creativity. Let's also face it these two are individuals in every way as well. As we all know I am a photographer but she really wants me in the wedding so I have been looking at other Virginia wedding photographers. There are alot to pick from but I really want to find someone that is creative and willing to put a different spin on things. Alot of the Virginia wedding photography seemed to center around the botanical gardens or other flowery type pictures and this is not their style at all.

There are so many lovely areas that would work for photos. Historical areas would be something I would put on my list for something that would suit them. They are going with a more antique styl theme. Victorian almost in feel with a Gothic twist. Her hair will be done up and would be gorgeous photographed in the setting sun. I am looking forward to her wedding and what work Roman Grinev will do. He has a very interesting portfolio for a Virginia wedding photographer. We still have a good bit of time before the ceremony but as we all know they creep up on you in no time. I am glad we have done our research on a photographer.

Bathroom transformation

I recently started a new project around my house. I decided to retile my entire bathroom with something a little more modern. Currently I have a cream colored ceramic tile. It is very outdated and I was looking to go with more clear, crisp coloring. A gorgeous black white and red tile scheme for the kitchen would really pop against the stainless steel. Nice, shiny tiles would keep things looking clean. I installed stainless steel faucets and towel racks. I would like some nice shag style black rugs for the floors so when I get out of the shower my toes sink in.

Finding the right color bathroom tiles can be difficult. I appreciate stores that have samples you can purchase and bring home so you can see the coloring in your own lighting. The bathroom tile project will not be difficult to do once I get all of the materials. I am definitely looking forward to the new look. I found inspiration in some subway tiles I saw in NYC. They were gorgeous and really made an impression on me. It amazes me how the city puts money into such little details. I have to say thank you for the details that inspired me to transform my bathroom into a showcase!