Monday, November 22, 2010

Don't Mistake Existentialism For Living Or

Content by Levi Mcpherson

Students in liberal arts schools are tempted with the thinking of people whose minds internalized the world and its problems language of thought of the blase thinker. When not being regaled by John Wayne on direct tv satellite packages, I read such books as Being and Nothingness by Jean Paul Sartre. Listen and tell me why so many of us starving philosophers drown in the intoxicating thought language of Jean Paul Sartre. "Temporality is evidently an organized structure." When using the concept of time in philosophical discourse, the parts of time accepted by all people as proof without needed evidence or a "given" are time past, present and future. The "infinite series of 'nows' in which some are not yet and others are no longer- but rather as the structured moments of an original synthesis" or in the observation of what might be considered time as having passed "temporality" is perceived.

That existentialism conquered the world of philosophy in France and found many advocates in California is a givenbecause we have witnessed it in various movements. The postulate is why would a world turn away from reality into a wall facing nowhere and call that real and true? The withdrawal of post modern man has been a shadow play of lets pretend we care about living.

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