Monday, November 22, 2010

The Walking Dead comes to us weekly!

Have you seen the new series the Walking Dead on AMC? It really is a worth watch new series. I can not believe we are at the point in the world where a zombie series can come along and actually be successful and worth watching! My roommate was nice enough to dvr it for me on direct tv and we spent a nice evening watching it while eating a yummy dinner. I know who would think zombie guts would go well with dinner? Well it worked out for me! The cast was surprisingly good especially for being on a new series stemming off of a channel that is not known for its tv shows. If it was a bigger channel like Showtime or HBO I could definitely have expected the quality that I received in the Walking Dead series. Directv definitely made the viewing experiences alot easier since it was easy to find. The series is definitely a worth while event. I would recommend checking it out but it would be better if you were able to watch the first three episodes before catching the most recent one. The effects are surprisgly well done. I was always a fan of the George Romero zombie flicks more than any of the other attempts at zombie creations. This one is definitely worth it! The series airs Sunday nights at 10 on AMC check your directv packages for channel number and listing info.

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