Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WInter's harsh effects on skin

The winter months are so dry and harsh on your skin. You really need to keep up with a beauty regiment to keep your skin from aging. I have tried alot of products over the years from the expensive to the down right cheap but it is alway hard to find a complete system that your skindoes not have an adverse reaction to some part of the beauty routine. I have had issues with the heavy night creams bothering me or in some cases the purifying masks turning my face bright red. I have found a system that works will leaving my skin soft, smooth and supple. It just takes that one line to solve the issue of dry, tired, winter skin. THe price is about average running less than some of the lines carried in Macy's or Jc Penneys. I actually like the mail order option so if I do not feel like going to the mall to resupply all i have to do is order over the net and have it delivered. I highly reccomend trying Meaningful Beauty skin line by Cindy Crawford. It comes with 8 different pieces in the set so you truly have a creme or cleanser for all events. The price is right and the product works well all around. SIgn in to the website and give it a shot you will not be disappointed!

The debt of every day life

In these times it is so easy to get behind with credit cards. You need to fix your car, your pet needs to go to the vet, or you need medication it all adds up so quickly. I know a vet visit is never any less than $80 for any type of serice and medication. I do not know how to stay ahead. In these horrible economies it is good to find a debt company that will help you sort through the mess of bills that life brings you. WIth the right counseling and some help you can dig your way back out. The most important thing is jumping in head fist to get a start at making a change in the way you do things. Freedom debt relief can help you with these problems. You just have to go to the site and register there is no obligation or catch for you to receive the information you need to alleviate the stress and pressures.

Monday, January 17, 2011

inbox dollars

I currently use inbox dollars as a way to make extra cash. you do get paid to read ads or to take surveys I have made a nice little bit of money from doing this. You also get paid for shopping or printing out and using coupons I highly recommend it for anyone looking to make money while doing something they already do.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ravenwear Island space for rent

I am looking to rent out 1/8 of an island. approx 1875 prims The rent would be 12500 lindens a month. You would hae complete control from terrain to estate management of your area. The rest of the island is inhabited by business including my own. I am willing to rent and even larger portion out if you are interested just contact me for more info! I look forward to hearing from you!

Wisdom Teeth

Well today I have to have my wisdom teeth yanked. I am deciding to be a big girl and get all 4 done at one time. I have heard horror stories and then on the other end people saying they ate pizza the same day. I of course am hoping for the latter. I used to have an extreme fear of the dentist. I had put off going for years when something happened ... I over came my fear and started going reguraly. As a matter of fact I go every six months for cleanings. I learned that going to the dentist as well as brushing teeth and flossing all the time really is worth it in the long run. I had to have a root canal due to not going so I am now aware of what is at stake. Wish me luck fellow avid bloggers!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Art in the hall

There are so many amazing artists around. I find myself being pulled into a more pop art type style that represents current on going pop culture with a simplistic yet well done artistic creation. A cohesive color scheme paired with a linear scheme invokes a certain feeling. It really brings a seriousness to the piece. Shepard fairey art shows both these two elements in the art. I like how the prints bring together a certain feeling. They feature current and past events and tell a story. Shepard fairey prints to me are best framed in a simplistic black thin style frame. This frame does not take away from the feel of the original art. I am not a fan of ornate frames in which the frame becomes the piece of art and the art itself is overshadowed.

Obey giant art brings a certain message with the art. I find this very important. I love the way something beautiful can also have a powerful voice. Art is a wonderful tool to use to express your views with the world. My newest area to decorate is the hallway. I used to have photos up but decided I wanted to put some art pieces the lead your eye down the hallway. I think I will go with something in this genre as it really makes you think as you view the piece and is also eye catching as well.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sister Act on Broadway

I loved the movie Sister Act. Nothing brought a laugh to my face like whoopi Goldberg in a habit being her usual crazy self. When I heard it was coming to Broadway it really peaked my interest. Seeing the hilarious action live would bring a smile to even the harshest critic's face. I have seen one other act on Broadway and it was well worth the ticket price. Just going into the city on a weekend and ending it with a night on Broadway is something you see in the movies. If you are wanting to impress a girlfriend this is the way to go and I would highly recommend.
A good part is the show can be enjoyed by a wide audience. It is not a chic flick type genre that some Broadway acts revolve around. Perfect even to go to with your boyfriend and both get a good laugh. get tickets for Sister Act so you can watch it bring comedic relief from the movie screen to live performance with a delightful talented cast. I have plenty of time to plan a night to remember! A little dinner in the city followed by a memorable performance. I am looking forward to seeing the show even though I am looking to go in April a show definitely worth the wait!

Throwback NYE cocktails

Guest post written by Mindy Wilson

I love vintage things. If it was my choice and I could find the clothes to fit me I would wear vintage, but unfortunately it's not that way. I also love antiques and just learning about the past in general. Period TV shows and also movies are really great too, so I thought that for New Year's Eve this year I would throw a period party and get everyone to dress up like it's the 20's.

One of my favorite shows right now is "Boardwalk Empire" so I decided to just tell people to dress based on the show they didn't know what to wear. I even sent them links to screen shots of the cast with my Wireless Internet just in case they needed a visual and had never seen the show.

I went to a costume rental shop and have been looking up some NYE cocktails that they would have drank back in the 20's, except it will be legal now. I think everyone's going to appreciate my extra effort and hopefully everyone will dress up.