Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sister Act on Broadway

I loved the movie Sister Act. Nothing brought a laugh to my face like whoopi Goldberg in a habit being her usual crazy self. When I heard it was coming to Broadway it really peaked my interest. Seeing the hilarious action live would bring a smile to even the harshest critic's face. I have seen one other act on Broadway and it was well worth the ticket price. Just going into the city on a weekend and ending it with a night on Broadway is something you see in the movies. If you are wanting to impress a girlfriend this is the way to go and I would highly recommend.
A good part is the show can be enjoyed by a wide audience. It is not a chic flick type genre that some Broadway acts revolve around. Perfect even to go to with your boyfriend and both get a good laugh. get tickets for Sister Act so you can watch it bring comedic relief from the movie screen to live performance with a delightful talented cast. I have plenty of time to plan a night to remember! A little dinner in the city followed by a memorable performance. I am looking forward to seeing the show even though I am looking to go in April a show definitely worth the wait!

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