Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rent island for your store or home

For rent 1/4of the Requiem Island! it is a class 5 island! You will receive the ability to change anything on the parcel.Terraform, change music etc etc It will be set up as you like it. I am very flexible! This is a long term rental. Once you rent it you can do what you please with it residential or commercial. Just contact me via email [email]sablewolfeyes@verizon.net[/email]

1/4 of the island whic is $22,000 lindens The price is reasonable just to cover the tier looking for a renter asap thanks again! Any questions just ask!

The Best Summer Concert Event

Thanks for the article from Jermaine Haynes

The best summer concert event of all time is of course 98.9's annual Rockfest! This concert features 2 stages with several bands performing on each. Rockfest lasts all day and night long, so when going to this type of event, be prepared. I attend Rockfest every year, no matter who is on the line up. This year I went with my teenage children who were so happy when I logged onto the internet to purchase our tickets and to get more information.

This year at Rockfest, Papa Roach, Halestorm, Rev Theory, Seether, Drowning Pool, Godsmack, and Three Days Grace all performed on the main stage. The concert was absolutely amazing. Seether had a really good performance with their old and new songs. Papa Roach was another favorite of mine. That lead singer Jacoby sure knows how to sing. The boys preferred Three Days Grace, and said that they really knew how to rock.

I went to this concert because I wanted to take my teenage boys to their first concert ever. They had the time of their lives. The grass was so muddy that people were making mudslides and sliding down the hill. By the time the concert was finished, we looked like a bunch of pigs that had been rolling around in the mud. All that matters was that the boys had the time of their lives. I will attend this concert next year; however it is being debated whether or not it will be at Liberty Memorial next time due to the clean up. Either way if you are looking for the concert event of the season, try Rockfest for an amazing time!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I am an avid gym goer. I try to workout atleast 3 days a week and do cardio for an hour as well as toning exercises for another 45 minutes. I go to planet fitness which I adore. I workout on the elliptical the treadmill and various toning machines. I wish I could get motivation to go back to five days a week. Anyone have any tips or tricks on how to do this? I did have a workout buddy but that can be unreliable and give you one more reason to not go. I feel better working out so that keeps me going back!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

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inbox dollars

I currently use inbox dollars as a way to make extra cash. you do get paid to read ads or to take surveys I have made a nice little bit of money from doing this. You also get paid for shopping or printing out and using coupons I highly recommend it for anyone looking to make money while doing something they already do.

My bunny

I have a bunny that I rescued 11 years ago from a local shelter. He was a stray found running loose. At some point he was someone's pet bunny as he is tame, friendly and loves people. I do not understand how people can just discard something that they once loved. It is very obvious a rabbit can not live on their own in the wild. They are lacking the proper skills and instincts not to mention the ability to blend in. I have had him for 11 long years and I love him very much. sadly he is getting older. He is unable to do the things he used to do. I am worried I will not have him much longer :( He has always been an amazing bunny and I adore him.

Chappelle's Show is hilarious!

Contributed by Alvin Graves

The first person that comes to mind whenever I think of comedy, is Dave Chappelle. I have watched almost every outrageous performance he has ever done, and I absolutely love it! I even set my directtv to record it, just in case I cannot get home in time.

Chappelle really pushes the limits with his acts. Every week, he comes out on to the stage, prepared to go that extra mile to make the punch lines better, giving the crowd and the people watching from home what they want. Some people may argue that some of his shows are a bit extreme, but after all, it is marked as adult oriented material. There is even a disclaimer before the show ever begins, informing the audience that adult content may be included.

One of my favorite skits of his, and probably one of the most controversial, is his "Tyrone" character. Tyrone is a crack-head who constantly finds himself in ridiculous situations that would never occur in real life. My favorite Tyrone skit is when he meets the infamous rapper, "Snoop Doggy Dogg."

Snoop is in a musical studio when suddenly Tyrone busts through the door with some musical input of his own. His 'lyrics' consist of tales about his childhood and crack. The response he gets from Snoop, who apparently was unaware of the prank, was priceless.

Concerts and the feeling of being a sardine

Recently I went to go see a show. I was excited to head to the venue and get all dressed up so I could enjoy some great entertainment. As I pulled into the parking lot it was definitely a packed event! The hustle and bustle of people walking up to the stadium made it all the more exciting. As we neared the entrance area this is when things got out of hand. It seems they had no real levels of crowd control. People were pushing and cutting in the lines to get in. The lines all merged together into one cacophony of people. The lack of barricades was very apparent. People were swarming trying to get in at the same time. You would think there was a celebrity right on the other side of the door. I do not understand why people are so impatient. It is better to just get in line and wait out your turn! As the crowds slowly funneled inside. Inside the door they finally used some stanchions to keep a bit of order. What is funny you would think this was a metal show and it was just a comedy show! So why people were so rude I will never get. Once inside and in my seat the night really kicked off. I had a good laugh and enjoyed a good time with friends despite the crowd control and the fact that I felt packed like a sardine at the start and by the end of the night I felt like I was lead in with a velvet rope! It was a really good show I never laughed so hard for so many hours!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Curbside decor

I was wanting to redo my landscaping and bring some new curb side appeal to my house. The first thought is to redo the vast flower beds that surround my home. I currently have some gorgeous lantana plants as well as an array of black-eyed susans. I do love to garden but also love to have other little lawn ornaments that accentuate the flowers. I purchased some gorgeous solar lights that have an old lantern feel to them. I also got an adorable solar lighted frog. It is really adorable and is sitting on a rock. These small changes really do bring a lot to the presence of my house. I scanned the rest of the street to see what else I could do to make my home stand out. I noticed a vast difference in mailboxes. They really brought a different feel to each house from the more standard to cute custom designs that matched the houses paint scheme. The mailbox I currently have did not really do much for my house just the standard old metal type with no special colors or design. I started looking online and was very surprised to see that there are over 2500 different designs available! I searched through the listing for Residential Mailboxes and found the most adorable design. A blink shadowbox Fleur di Lis wall mailbox is what my eye rested on. I am very excited to receive it an add it to the new design and add to my curbside appeal. You do not have to spend a fortune to give your home a make over for either you or if you are planning to put it up on the market. Research shows homes with a bright, welcoming feel remain on the market for a shorter period of time then homes that are boring and not welcoming.

Moving doesn't have to be a hassle.

Guest blog post from Leslie Jenkins

I've just moved from the country to a large city and talk about culture shock! From living where you can really still leave your doors unlocked to where one of the first calls you make is to your home security provider to ask “Why ADT? “, well, suffice to say it's been quite a change. One thing I was missing that I never even considered before the move was not having my favorite produce stand right down the road.

Then last week I discovered a wonderful thing. The farmers market! It was like my homey little stand multiplied by one hundred. I loved it. Although I had planned ahead and checked out the school systems, investigated the public transit system and lots of other things, I am finding there is still a lot for me to learn about city life.

For one thing, it's the oddest thing but evidently city folk don't automatically wave at everyone who drives down the road. In fact lots of times the cashier at the grocery store doesn't make small talk when I'm in line. You know what though? I'll get used to all that. The availability of all the things a big city has to offer makes it all worthwhile. If I'm on my way to a symphony or a play, I don't have time to be waving at everybody anyway.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Designs

I have finally started a new design yay go me! It has been a year!!!! I miss the creativity so I am drawn back into the world of second life! If you have nay suggestions please let me know! Check out the shop to see some of the older designs and keep an eye on the blog for new stuff!


Girls that blog rock

I was surfing the web and decided to check out other female bloggers. There are just so many blogs now a days it is hard to navigate through it all. Apparently there are a good many of girls that blog about life, love and just stuff in general. I have definitely learned a lot thanks to surfing around on the web. It is always awesome when you find someone who has the same ideas or likes that you do. The world can definitely be a bit overwhelming at times so it is nice to see there are "others" out there like you. I came across Pretty in Pink which is a pretty cool blog. It has a lot of fresh ideas on it. It is some what cathartic to be able to blog about things and get them off of your mind. I enjoyed checking out her ideas and thoughts so I wanted to pass it along! Not to mention anything pink already wins some brownie points from me! I never used to be a fan of the color but then something happened lol and I decided it was a new staple in my wardrobe!

Programs I Enjoy on Lifetime

Guest post by Bailey Celeste

Lifetime is my favorite channel on my direct TV coverage package. I love to watch the TV shows and movies on Lifetime. They are entertaining and fun to watch.

Project Runway is one of my favorite series on Lifetime. The new season starts next month. I love to watch the design challenges and predict which design will bomb on the runway. Also, it's fun to predict who will be eliminated in each episode. You never know what the judges will say and do. Sometimes I agree with their decisions, but most of the time I don't.

Another series I watch on Lifetime is Grey's Anatomy. They play re-runs every afternoon Monday thru Friday. Grey's Anatomy is one of my all-time favorite shows. Christina Yang is my favorite character. She's hilarious.

Lifetime is also the channel that hosts Army Wives. I record the show every Sunday night. It's not my favorite show, but it keeps me sufficiently entertained. Most of the plots involve real-life situations rather than the far out plots and vampires featured on other shows and channels.

Most Lifetime movies are very predictable, but I've found several that were good as a source of escapism. I like that many lifetime movies aren't big-budget Hollywood movies. My favorites are the smaller-scaled movies that feature settings that are similar to the small town where I grew up.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Are we not viable humans?

Don't you hate it when places screw up your bill and then make you wait to correct it? They have no issue taking out more money then due but they are slow as can be refunding it. I have found with big business anymore it seems to be a slow painful process first getting someone on the phone and next getting a fast resolve. Another annoyance is when people are obviously reading off of cue cards and do not take not account that you are a viable human that can make sense of things without having to be told every little detail. If companies want to attract more business they should learn to treat customers more like individuals as opposed to all being unable to understand basic facts. This is my rant for the day!