Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Best Summer Concert Event

Thanks for the article from Jermaine Haynes

The best summer concert event of all time is of course 98.9's annual Rockfest! This concert features 2 stages with several bands performing on each. Rockfest lasts all day and night long, so when going to this type of event, be prepared. I attend Rockfest every year, no matter who is on the line up. This year I went with my teenage children who were so happy when I logged onto the internet to purchase our tickets and to get more information.

This year at Rockfest, Papa Roach, Halestorm, Rev Theory, Seether, Drowning Pool, Godsmack, and Three Days Grace all performed on the main stage. The concert was absolutely amazing. Seether had a really good performance with their old and new songs. Papa Roach was another favorite of mine. That lead singer Jacoby sure knows how to sing. The boys preferred Three Days Grace, and said that they really knew how to rock.

I went to this concert because I wanted to take my teenage boys to their first concert ever. They had the time of their lives. The grass was so muddy that people were making mudslides and sliding down the hill. By the time the concert was finished, we looked like a bunch of pigs that had been rolling around in the mud. All that matters was that the boys had the time of their lives. I will attend this concert next year; however it is being debated whether or not it will be at Liberty Memorial next time due to the clean up. Either way if you are looking for the concert event of the season, try Rockfest for an amazing time!

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