Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chappelle's Show is hilarious!

Contributed by Alvin Graves

The first person that comes to mind whenever I think of comedy, is Dave Chappelle. I have watched almost every outrageous performance he has ever done, and I absolutely love it! I even set my directtv to record it, just in case I cannot get home in time.

Chappelle really pushes the limits with his acts. Every week, he comes out on to the stage, prepared to go that extra mile to make the punch lines better, giving the crowd and the people watching from home what they want. Some people may argue that some of his shows are a bit extreme, but after all, it is marked as adult oriented material. There is even a disclaimer before the show ever begins, informing the audience that adult content may be included.

One of my favorite skits of his, and probably one of the most controversial, is his "Tyrone" character. Tyrone is a crack-head who constantly finds himself in ridiculous situations that would never occur in real life. My favorite Tyrone skit is when he meets the infamous rapper, "Snoop Doggy Dogg."

Snoop is in a musical studio when suddenly Tyrone busts through the door with some musical input of his own. His 'lyrics' consist of tales about his childhood and crack. The response he gets from Snoop, who apparently was unaware of the prank, was priceless.

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