Friday, July 24, 2009

Can you say sitting back chillaxen at home?

Ahhh lots of days spent in the sun at the beach and also at concerts! We can all use some downtime in our houses on nice comfy chairs dreaming of all the pretty little thoughts that run through our heads! I have found myself feeling a bit run down lately. I am not sure if it is the summer heat or just the massive amount of things I have been having to tend to. All I know is I sure do need some time on the couch or better yet in bed with a nice warm blanket! Not to mention my dog friends snuggling right up with me enjoy the time!

My Direct TV keeps me cozy on these lazy days of nothingness. I watched a movie called Into the Wild. ANyone get a chance to see it? very interesting true story. I would love to have the guts to just take off with very little and go cross country! To feel free from the burdens of a modern society and get back to your roots. Alexander Supertramp at his best! The movie selection rocks on DirecTV. Ohhh whats another one I have recently watched.... They have been playing 30 days of night a good bit. It is an interesting concept for a movie. One of the best I have seen in awhile. Alot of horror movies are just really remakes of older movies. To see a truly new idea come out in that genre is always fresh! DirectTV definitely makes it easier to stay home and curl up!

summertime and the things we do

Summer time has again kept me out of Second Life. The island is still there and the world goes on without my cute little avatar waving around flittering in her pretty outfits and freshly designed pixelated clothing. I do miss the time but things have been keeping me busy! I went to see the vans warped tour the other day and it was awesome! The bands were all filled with angst of punk! The audience was such a huge mix of people! The fashions were amazing! If it comes to town I would highly reccomend it!

I have been considering getting a new car. Mine has been around a little while and I always get nervous it will have issues while i am out and about. Nothing worse than getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken car. It is sad cause we all like little sporty cars like audi a4 but when we have multiple dogs sometimes it is more practicule to get the dreaded mini vans lol It is sad as we get older and no I am not telling my age but you have to sometimes get a bit more practicle about your cars. Prices are pretty good right now since the economy sucks in a huge way so might be time to look. Hey I could get the ultimate in car safety and get a volvo. For some reason I find the volvo a bit funner than a minivan. It is like the yuppy mom vehicle. I personally like something that gets me to and fro. I know, I know I am so picky aren't I? Actually if the truth must be told I have always wanted an older restored car but I do know they are alot of money to keep going on the road not to mention the fect that they suck down gas like it was going out of style and with the prices at the pump I will pass. So I guess I will have to give in and get something that makes mroe sense! Hope your summer is bright and shiny!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Been watching some movies

I saw my best friends girl which was an awesome hilarious movie for those of you that haven't picked this one up yet. Dane Cook is hilarious. He brings his raunchy comedy to a new level in this comedy masterpiece. I laughed sooo hard through the entire movie. Dane Cook really deserves a Best of the Best Awards. I have to warn this is not a movie for the youngsters it is full blown R rated material. If you loved Superbad you have to see this movie! It also has the American Pe dude Jason biggs in it.

He is just soooo hilarious. He was also in good Luck Chuck for those of you that might have missed that movie. Dane was the guy that never found the right one. All the girls he dated went on to get married. He makes due by having lots and I mean lots of women lol until he meets Jessica Alba the girl of his dreams and now he wants to break the curse. It was a cute comedy. BoB Awards are definitely somewhere Dane deserves a nomination he is a great comedian and talented actor. Dane Cook was also on saturday Night Live on and off. He does stand up comedy as well which is hilarious!! Blog Awards would be a great way to shout out for the actor that rocks it over and over again! So Please nominate me in the Best of the Best Awards.