Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ravenwear meow two tone hair

New new new hair hair hair come get hairy at ravenwear a razor cut with a twist comes in black and red black and blonde black and well every color or just black your pick for sale and demo available too

Ravenwear Tied

This sexy lil number is the first in a new line of Ravenwear fetish and lingerie sets. Leaves lil to the imagination but hey can't that be just as fun sometimes. Strappy and revealing this set will grab the attention of anyone! On sale new wall at ravenwear $120 PS it is shirt and pants layer for those of us that wear tats :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wet Latex at Ravenwear

Prim skirt set with stripes and a latex sheen on the top, shorties and prim skirt. Pick from black on black, red on black, cyan on black, red on red, magenta on black or blue on black. Or you can get them all and mix and match! On sale front of Ravenwear near the door $150 a set! Shown is cyan on black, black on black and magenat on black

2 new full body tat sets

Stop in Ravenwear and check out the two new full body tat sets. SHown is Statute. It comes with gloves, socks, underpants and undershirt so everything from hands to feet are inked. The second is Engulfed not shown comes with three pieces and again is a full body tat. Both on sale $85 lindens in the middle of the shop with all the tats!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mystery Hair new at Ravenwear

Available in 4 colors or in a discounted four color pack this hair is full and flexi. Goes gret for a kitty out there or any mod. Come in check it out demo on the wall.
Also added more the thr 50 linden and less area so pop on in

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ravenwear Black Swan Darkness

The Black Swan with a darker outlook on life. Skin, hair, clothing layers, prim flexi wings, prim flexi tail, and skin all included for a complete look. Mix and match with your other favorite outfits for a new look. On Sale front of the store $850 for all

Friday, May 25, 2007

The Black Swan

New avatar from Ravenwear! Includes flexi wings, skin with gorgeous feather face detail, prim flexi tail, flexi hair in black with color tint script and the clothing layer in the form of pants and a shirt so you can wear tats still if you like. I really love this set is something really different perfect for those gorgeous swans in sl on sale $850 no trans because of skin :)

Be a succubus at Ravenwear

The Succubus is such a devilishly seductive avatar. It is a complete set. Including anatomoically correct skin, fangs, horns, hair with tint script, prim wings with script that actually causes them to flap, particle emiting eyes, typing poofer, prim boots and a sexy three piece outfit! Something different at Ravenwear!!!

Ravenskins releases hawt skins for men!

Goth or tanned with a variety of facial hair options etc etc Some have makeup some not etc etc Demos are available by clicking the dem osign on the vendor. Located up front with the mens items can't miss them. Muscled but not over done. Chest hair is there on the tan but not too much so is a nice balance! Pop in and try a set on on ale $600 per skin

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sylfie hair at Ravenwear

New at Ravenwear 7 colors ot pick from come on in and try out a demo! Cute and flexi and short in the back with a twist! A siff take on the bob.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Gothic dumpster diving from a coffin!?!?!?!?!

Yeah you heard right we have a new "dumpster diving" concept out on the market! Feeling rather gothly and the dumpster was just too ghetto for you well we now have coffin harvesting! Works the same just drag items into content and start the harvesting fun! Has a kneel down and harvest animation like you are rummaging through the coffin for goodies. The lid opens up after you click harvest and inside is a skeleton friend to keep you company as you harvest! Mod and copy no trans! Come test drive it!

Ravenwear Butterfly Hair

New hair from Ravenwear 6 colors with built in ribbons and butterly skull clips. Each has a tint script so you can change the hair easy. Mod and copy no trans. Demo in store!

Detained at Ravenwear

This pant set has alot of details from the texture to the belt and skull buckle. The bell sleeves are modable to be made into smaller sleeves or even sleevless depdning on your mood. On sale now front of Ravenwear Mens version coming soon!

Ravenwear new prim belt and gauntlet

Located on the far back left wall behind prim dresses I have added a new gauntlet and a new belt! So pop inside and take a look! Also more items added to the 50l and less shop that is now on the right back corner at Ravenwear so much it needed its own shop!~

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Neko Skin NEW!

New Neko skin with purple cheetah spots by request from the Star Wars movies! TP in and follow the neko prints to the neko gear!

Ravenskin Drow Skin

Sexy Ravenskins comeso utwith the first in a line of drow skins! It is mod and copy no trans. You can see a non censored pic & grab a demo at my store

Ravenwear Leptopup cuddle toy

Leptopup is perfect for your av and snuggle and hold and name George. He is so cute and comes iwth built in hold pose! On sale in the middle of Ravenwear with the other toys!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ravenwear Stella hair!

New hair style that is flexi and fun in 8 colors! All with tinting script so maximize the possibilities! Mod and copy no trans so you can tint and save copies. Full of fun flirtation pick up a copy today 1 color $75 or all 8 for $400!

Sassy Hair

This is a cute style playful and fun long flexi hair with static accents. It has a touch to tint script inside for maximum colors. Comes in 6 colors each $75 or get the mega pack of all for $350! Mod and copy no trans. Also pop in ravenwear hs two new free tats set out as a special thanks!

Envy at Ravenwear

Ohh this is a sexy lil number includes a short prim skirt and shorties to wear under as as well as a sexy bikini type top and really hawt stockings for the finishing tough on sale front at Ravenwear for $150! Mod and trans!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Dark Dollie Gwendalyn

Meet Gwendalyn what a cutie she is! She coems with a hold script that will make your av carry her in their arms. Works well with most ao poses. Gwendalyn is wearing the Innocence hair also on sale for mommy at Ravenwear! She is cute yet defiant! On sale with the other toys!

Savage at Ravenwear

Another new lil number from Ravenwear! This comes with a prim top, two prim skirts one alpha one non alpha, underpants, undershirt, and shirt layer. so you can mix and match looks. It is a very sexy number great for any neko, huntress, amazon or warrior. Pop on in located the the front of the store as you walk in the door on the new display!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Neko skins come to Ravenwear

4 to pick from! They are sexy with spots and stripes. They do perfectly with the new line of Neko ears and tails! Mod and copy no transfer. When you tp in follow the Neko cat prints to the Neko area! Demos available!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ravenwear Petal

Sexy warrioress like prim skirt set. Perfect for a night of amazon fun! Club a sexy barbarian in this hawt number! It is on sale at Ravenwear near the front door and the new signs! Mod and trans so buy as a gift weeeew

Monday, May 14, 2007

Ravenwear Details hair!


This hair is flexi and static with a blend of both. Wild and messy yet sophisticated and cute all have tinting script inside for easy touch to tint feature. Mod and copy no trans. Pick from 4 colors all tintable!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Relentless prim skirt set with 4 skirts!

This set is a really hawt number comes with alot of pieces four prim skirts one long chain one short and one long leather and one short. Also comes with chain length shorties, panties and a hawt top! Ohh dont forget the gloves or anklets! On sale front of Ravenwear on a "New" Display!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Neko Silks at Ravenwear

These silks match the Neko ears and tails. They are also scripted with a great sensations script. The owner of the silks can pick from strip or striahgen and others can pick caress, adore and rip to name a few. The silks are mod and no trans. Very sexy and skimpy! Comes with arm bands, prim skirt and prim top!

Neko Contest Winner!

Juushika Redgrave won the $1,000 linden shopping spree for her suggestion of sounds that express neko emotions! We had alot of great entiries some funny hehe I am sure you know who you are hehe But all great! So thanks for participating look forward to mroe contests at Ravenwear and SInister Scripture!

Nekos invade Ravenwear!

We have a new release of scripted ears and tails! They flex and animate. Ears and tails have a control hud you wear for easy changing between animations! From excited to scarred it is in there! They also have 12 sound options from purr to hiss to meow again click on the kitty on the hud to get the sound menu! Easy to use! ! The ear & tail sets come in 14 fur patterns! They are mod and trans perfect for gifts! Buy seperate or buy in a mega pack for 14 colors at a large discount! Super cute and meowish! Easy hud is a snap!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Artilleri from Ravenwear

This is a super hot set for a bikini or as a huntress outfit. Bikini bottoms and strappy top are sure to look great with your favorite accessories!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Sexy pose and animation chair at Sinister Scripture inside Ravenwear!

Mmm this sexy chair comes with a total of 10 static poses that are ooohhlalala perfect for any model, dancer, photographer, club owner or even someone want to put a lil show on for their loved one ;) You don not only get the static pose version you also get an animated chair that is wickedly enticing! Come on in and try it!Located in the Ravenwear mega building downstairs to the far right! On sale for only $300!

Ravenwear new topys to cuddle and snuggle and name GEORGE!

4 new toys hit Ravenwear! All with scripted holds so you cuddle them! They are socute mod and trans no copy! On sale now inside Ravenwear new the purses and tats! So pop in and grab a toy!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Camelot comes to Ravenwear

This set is sure to appeal to a wide variety of people. From the RP'ers, to the nekos, to those just wanting a cute item to wear at the beach! This set comes with shirt in theform of undershirt or shirt, panties, and a prim flexi cover up. ^ colors to pick from! They are sexy and subtle on sale now front of the store Shown in black and teal

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Prefabs at Ravenwear for those on a budget!

Hey all!! We now have budget prefabs ranging from houses to warehouses!! Starting at 100L$ and maxing out at 500L$!! Come check them out!!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Ravenwear Crack Hitler cape

Back by popular demand $185 on sale mod and trans no copy! Great satin texture on back! Very sexy for any man!!! Clothing shown availabe at Ravenwear it is Draven and boots also available "Entropy"

Sin City at Ravenwear

Based on that hawt outfit from the movie sin city that Jessica Alba wore this will look extra hot on your av! Choose from four colors! You get a bikini top and bottoms in diff layers for those with tats and also sexy chaps with cute buckle embelishment! They are mod on the chaps so you can work them into your fav boots on sale in the doorway at Ravenwear $150!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Sexy poses from Sinister Scripture come to Ravenwear!

Pop into the store and check out the new creations of Sinister Scripture. One of a kind run and walk, unque sits and stand poses all animated perfect for your AO. Sick of looking like a prissy Barbie and want to look more like a confident, sexy lady well come in and try them out! Copy and no trans so you do not have to worry about SL eating them.

Go to Ravenwear walk in the door turn left walk down to the swimming pool area and you will find the nedor :D

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Nostalgia three prim skirt sets! In three colors

Yep thats right get ready I have to spam to get it all in! First is Nostalgia a three prim skirt set that also comes with one top and two verions of shorts! It is an outfitthat goes from sexy to formal with a click. Short skirt, long skirt and sassy mid length skirt also comes with a prim belt!! On sale in three colors red, blacn and blue shown