Friday, August 31, 2007

Fashion show for ravenwear tonight!!!!!

7 sl time so pop on in awesome fashions and great entertainment. Pop in and see the clothing in action special thanks to Frolic Mills and his lovely models for putting on the show for Ravenwear! LM coming in second notice posting so please come in and show some love!

Be the first to get wet and show it :O

New to secondlife! Get the wet look when you wear your bathing suits or nothing at all :O These layers are made to be worn over your skin to achieve a glimmer of water complete with drops and streaks. Not too overwhelming but very sexy! They are sold in all layers and are mod, copy no trans. On sale at ravenwear for $200 near the swimsuits front right of the store!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ravenwear Get Punked

New prim set! Includes two short version and one mini prim skirt! So sexy all bits mod and trans! Comes with 2 shorts, prim skirt, top and socks. Looks cute mix and match or even worn with other items like some gauntlets or big fat boots or your fav belt! On sale $150 front of Ravenwear near the assets shoe display

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ravenwear Boot camp

New set from ravenwear cute shorts, tank top and sexy tomboy socks goes great with combat boots some grungy hair and a lil bit of funky attitude! On sale $140 front of ravenwear!

ravenwear Urban School set with lots of sculpties!

Pop on in for this new cute urban schoolgirl set! Comes with cute button up shirt, sculptie tie and collar as well as sculptie shirt cuffs, A shorts layer to be worn with sculptie skirt prim, and sculptie pockets! Comes in 6 color options shown is Urban. Each tie has a different pattern too so make sure to pick up your favs!

Tan Lines galore!

Ohh look sooo smexy wexy in your well nearly nothing with these hawt clothing layer tan lines! Comes in a few forms three diff bottoms fuller, skimpier and thong thong! Also two diff tops. But all top styles come with two versions nipples cut out and non cut. Also bottoms come with pube cut or not so you can mix and match and pick! Comes in under layers and shirt/pants. Mod so you can tint and color to your desire, copy and no trans Pop on in on sale at ravenwear near the bikinis front of the shoppe!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ravenwear Latexed Hawk

Today we have four different oclors of a sexy minidress with a tribal hawk on the opening of the back. Comes in black, red, magenta, or blue. The prim is mod and trans and all others mod. Comes with jacket layer/top, pants later and prim skirt. On sale front of Ravenwear $160

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Store for rent !!!!! At Ravenwear

Come on in and check out the awesome buildings that we have for rent it is a downtown city motif when you rent you receive your own parcel that I can change keywords, title, landing point *currently set for the front door of your shop*, music url, image etc for perfect for a main store or a second store. Enjoy the benefits of Ravenwears 15k plus traffic while having your own shop front! Pop on in and pick your building out now rent is $500 a week for 100 prims! Nice roomy buildings to accommodate the prims

We also have one large mall shop for rent upstairs of ravenwear! Great location and nice and roomy perfect for a secondary shop! Pop in and check it out

Slurl goes to parceled store for rent!

Ravenwear Denim set

Cute lil denim mini skirt with single prim that is mod. Also comes with 6 cute tank shirts and an awesome set of arm wraps for an added bad girl accent! Soooo feisty and so variable you can mix and match and as you change accessories you change looks! On sale $200 located on the back of the assets shoe board as you first walk in

Friday, August 24, 2007


New to ravenwear something a lil diff Tomboy set includes 8 diff color shorts with matching socks with sculpted tops along with a sexy tank top with built in suspenders! Super cutie pop in pick it up $225 all 8 colors!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ravenwear Punked Prim set

comes with shirt layer, pants layer, underpants, socks and prim skirt. All transfer skirt is mod. A super cute look paired with some combat boots and tats. Talk about tough looking! On sale front of Ravenwear!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New ravenwear assets shoes completely diff style

Completely different style so sexy and sinister same as the other sets with the built in ao, no need for shoe shape and booty enhancing poses! Adds length to the legs! be sure to spank the display wall for more information before buying!

Monday, August 20, 2007

ravenwear Glitzy prim cocktail dresses

Another new release from ravenwear a lil cocktail dress that comes in three color options red, green and black. On sale 5 pieces including jacket, shirt, pants, socks and prim skirt. All transferable prim skirt is mod also. Very cute look something a lil classy but still with alot of edge to it! Buy each seperate or get the 3 pack fat pack for $400!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ravenwear genx dead goth girl skins

All new makeups all new shading new nipples and girly bits! Attached are the demos figured it would save ya the time of having to molest the vendor. They are definitely made for the goth wishing for a different look! Lots of makeups etc to pick from located on the back wall at Ravenwear with the skins! As always $600 per skin no trans and all that jazz

Saturday, August 18, 2007

New Ravenwear Sculptie hat Hair Meg!

New sculptie hat with built in hair ohhh it is so cute Knit hat comes in three colors all sold in one hair color box package! Pick from 9 color options black, red, brown, black and blondie, pink, blue and a few combo hairs! The hat is just so adorable and sweet! The hair so long and sexeh! On sale with a free demo on the hair wall back left of the store! Cant miss it

Ravenwear detention

A lil different look a bit more edgy and punk! Comes with capris, prim cuffs, blouse and tie as a jacket layer. Perfect for those that want to stay after school! On sale front of Ravenwear!!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Emily Shape

Ohh come and check it out a new girly shape not too big not too small just right that is Emily! Mod and copy n otrans as always for shapes. Perfect for those that want a new look but are too lazy to slider doodle!

Ravenwear strapped minidress

On sale at ravenwear front of the shop. Comes with jacket layer, pants layer, gloves and mini skirt prim! Back is so sexy and laced up! Front has straps under the breast. Very appealing to your curves!

Wild Ravenwear vinyl dress with sculptie stars!

Now this set is for the uninhibited! Comes with a peekaboo vinyl minidress with straps and chains on the back then to cover up those goodies you get sculptie stars with prim chains connecting them. It also comes with a top that has no opening and painted on stars instead of the prim ones. On sale front of Ravenwear $160

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sexy lateded netted prim mini dress meow

Ohhh lala these are some hawt lil numbers! Net and latex meet up for one hell of a sexy look. Low cut fronts and low cut backs! Comes with 5 pieces including gloves, netted stockings, shorties to be worn under prim skirt, and jacket layer. On sale front at Ravenwear red, blue or black! $160

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Militant at ravenwear

Pop in for this new militant yet sexy set comes with shorts, shirt gloves and socks. The socks have adorable stripes! The shorts are really shorties looks awesome with your fav combat boots! Comes in red, blue, army, grey, and magenta front of the store $130!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Professor 6 piece set

This is a cute lil number comes with textured top, vest, prim shorts/skirt underlayer with a beaded belt and crosses and a prim skirt. Comes in red, blue, black, grey, and cyan! Looks so cute with your fav pigtails and a pair of mary janes! On sale $160 front of the shoppe!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Ravenwear End of Summer

This new set is really a cute eye catcher. Open fronted jean shorts paired with a plaid bikini set is soo tantalizing. Looks great with your fav sandals. On sale front of ravenwear $120 Shown with one of the new ravenwear genx skins!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ravenwear Rubber Bondage and seperate scritped collar

This is a set for all the bad girls out there! Rubber bra top and super shorties paired with netted stockings and gloves are so sexy!!! You can also purchase a sexy spiked collar seperately. Touch to tint collar and the spikes stay silver! So a perfect match for the outfit Pop on it and pick it up! Comes in red, black, blue, cyan and magenta!