Friday, May 30, 2008

Ravenwear Latex Tease

new teaser skirt set featuring latex! Comes with two half tops with ties plain or with skulls. Also with latex socks with buckled tops and a sexy menu operated teaser skirt that flips on command by you or ask permission when others flip it! On sale on the teaser skirt wall!

Ravenwear Striped Tube Tops

Cute lil set of striped tube tops comes in all colors shown one pack! So pick them up and be ready for summer time! On sale on the new wall at Ravenwear!!! Shhhhh rumors of a secret sale are brewing for the weekend :O

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ravenwear Punked Tease

This is a super cute set that features the micro mini teaser skirt but in a plaid set that also has lil adornments on certain prims. Matching top has a layered look and features sculpt sleeves the arm warmers are built in to the top but the top is mod so you can remove the arm warmers. Lace white panties included and also socks that match the arm warmers! Very cute set on sale in the teaser area $300 for the set which is a great deal as teaser skirts sell for $250 alone! THIS SET IS MOD AND TRANS NO COPY

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New experimental design side project

Transgressions is a new side project with a friend. New out is this sexy outfit set that includes prim boots with prim razors blades, prim skirt, prim leg bands with or without a straight razor. The top has a lace texture and a prim back tie and prim lil pearl front buttons. It is a complete look for $500 or get the boots separate for only $200 a great deal for a new look!

Ravenwear four half tops!

get all four of these super sexy tied half tops for 140 lindens! They look cute with the dark raven shorts or the open camp shorts. They are dark and sexy!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ravenwear Lisa hair

New cute hair in a handful of colors my fav is the red stripe it is just soooo awesome! Comes mod copy no trans and is 75 a color or get the fat pack for $450!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Dollarbeeeeee top!

This is a cutie top punk to the max!!! Shown with the new Ravenwear Open shorts in camo! Only $1 l so pick it up come come come lmao

Ravenwear dark Raven

New sexy shorts set! This is so hot lace up latex corset with short booty shorts and spider web stockings! I know girls i have been a lil more frilly lately so now it is time to get back to the naughty side :O On sale on the new wall for $140

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ravenwear Pixelled hair!

This hair is super cute! Big long pigtails and cute swept off bangs comes in a ton of colors including the white and black lily munster all are tintable with a click and are of course copy, mod no trans! So pop in same great price

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ravenwear Diva tops with or without prim!

These tops are so cute with or without the prim bit. They have a sequin detailing under the bust and a nice flowing top texture. They come in 8 colors total! Shown with a cariety of different Ravenwear bottoms!

Ravenwear Mingue hair

New hair with sculpt and flexi bits this is a cute style with adorable bangs comes in a handful of colors as always demo is freeeee so come in and pick it up dont forget the dollarbee hair in the hair area as well![/url]

Come rent with us! Main store for rent on Ravenwear island!!!

We will have a spot open for up to 500 prims for a main shop with your own parcel and landing point listing in search etc etc. Rent is $2000 a week for this space. I will include an extra 85 prims for a custom build that will not be charged for. The build will have to have an industrial city flare. Also if you do not use all of the prims in the store you are more than welcome to set up a skybox/work area above it in the sky. We are having a fashion show in the middle of june for the island and will have regular events such as hunts parties sales etc etc. IM me for more info or questions!

Also come and get the dollarbee hair!!!! Shown above

Friday, May 23, 2008

Ravenwear Open camo shorts

These are perfect for the start of the summer weekend! On sale in 5 colors $75 a piece or get the fat pack for $300 very cute goes well with the new corsets that were put out a few days ago!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ravenwear Katrina Hair

Katrina hair with sculpt, flexi and static bits! Comes in a handful of colors very cute and very sassy! $75 a color and demos as always are free!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ravenwear Striped Tops

These tops are soooo cute they are black and white striped with 4 diff options one just plain striped and the other 3 with diff girly skull emblems! On sale all 4 for 200 lindens! Very cute with the capris!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Ravenwear Bloomers with ruffle sculpt cuff

New bloomers with sculpt prim ruffled cuffs these are cute cute cute shown in pic with the new peasant blouse! Change up the av look and the accessories and it works for avs of all styles you can really goth up the black set! On sale at ravenwear

Ravenwear peasant Blouses with sculpt sleeves

These blouses has sculpt puff sleeves and lil buttons up the front they are just so adorable! Coming in 7 colors you can get a color to match whatever it is you are looking for! On sale at Ravenwear!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Whatever skirts on sale!

These skirts are 50 lindens off making them 75 lindens a color very cute and goes with alot of diff tops. Shown in the photo is the long whatever skirt but also available are the mini whatevers :D

Ravenwear Playful prim tops

These are very cute tops with prim bits they look cute with your fav capris shown of course with Ravenwear's camo capris and new celia hair! On sale for $200L for all the colors thats right get them all one low price!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ravenwear Gypsy Skirt and Tube Top Set

Now this is a cute set and with al the colors you can really make it your own. The black set is very dark and goth while the purple set is more cute and frilly or the pink set is definitely more prissy so you can pick or if you cant pick get them all! On sale on the new wall at Ravenwear!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Ravenwear Sports girl

This outfit is full of sex appeal comes in three color options each with two shirts a more open one and a more shirt style and open sexy daisy duke shorts! What a look for going out to the beach or to your fav sporting game! On sale new wall :D

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ravenwear Creatin lil tops and miniskirts!

This is a cute spring set for the punk girl lil shorty tops paired with matching skull mini skirts! The cute built in punk belt is the perfect accent on sale at Ravenwear!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Retro hair

Short retro hair that comes in normal colors as well as black hair with stripes in the middle demo is free as usual and each color is $75 L!

Ravenwear Celia

This is a really diff style from Ravenwear very asymmetrical and modern. You can purchase straight colors or ones that are black with a color stripe like the one shown in the photo. The color stripe ones are under the demo sign and are labeled black with such and such stripe. As always free demo and $75 a color or a big old fat pack!

Ravenwear Creatin Dress

Cute sassy lil set featuring skulls on the dress and also on the arm warmers. The halter top has a belt to make sure to hold the top up :D Shown with socks from the tomboy set! On sale $140!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ravenwear Freebie shirt!

Free is a cute lil striped blondie tshirt looks super cute with the plaid nancy miniskirt. Pick it up at ravenwear for free on the new wall :)

Ravenwear Gwen

Cute lil mini shorts set with socks and lil striped bikini top! I just adore it the shorts are wicked low and wicked lil so be prepared! They are on sale in a variety of colors so pick up your fav!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Important info on the notices hud

Sorry but I will no longer be using this notices hud for various reasons If you still would like group freebies *which a lil mouse told me that one is coming up soon* you need to rejoin the Ravenwear Fashion with attitude group or you can tp to the store and click the sign :D Thanks again for all of your support I hope you have had a chance to check out the new build I really made it as a community so feel free to hang out and have fun and explore and use all of the buildings including the photo studio!!! Any questions IM me direct! :D

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ravenwear My Lady

This is a classic style set with prim skirt corset and glitch pants layer. Comes in 5 colors and of course is mod copy no trans. On sale for $140 a set or get all 5 for $400!!! The lace up back is soooo sexy!

Ravenwear Attract mini skirt and corset

prim skirt and cute corset set in a nicely textured pvc! On sale for 140 when you tp in it is on the right right in front of you :)
Thanks everyone for attending the grand opening it was alot of fun!!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Grand opening starts at 3 PM slt

Don't miss out on the fun and prizes! TP in to hang out ance an answer trivia an try your
luck with the raffle ball awesome prizes including gift certificates and also some awesome sculpted furniture from aurum outfits from mny of the designers on the sim!

Ravenwear half price newness

New capris on sale half price for today only!! They have cute lil prim pockets four to be exact and sculpt cuffs! Perfect for a punk or the grey is sexy for a goth!!! Pick them up $50 L a pair today only!!!!

Ravenwear Grand Opening and half off new releases!

Grand opening events!!!!! Special info you need to know!

Second Look Studios has an awesome freebie! Texture-Changing Model Set with pose stand ($0) Located in-shop near the entrance of the studio!

Don't forget to click the raffle ball located near the DJ stand prizes being given every ten minutes!

Trivia questions are being asked every 20 minutes first one to IM Raven Lament with the correct answer gets a prize! Some prizes valued at over $1000l !!!

Prizes in the raffle ball and for the trivia questions from Aurum, SD, +Plus, Fashionity Fantasy, Nova, Aqua, Cerebus, Sexy Catz Fashions, *ChEeKyMinXy*, Ravenwear and Caseys Creations Costumes. So be sure to click it for EACH raffle.

Don't forget this sim has areas to hang out and explore feel free to use it for your rping needs! From the creepy hospital to the gothic church please explore all the areas and have fun!!!

Please vsit the fido boutique upstairs inside Ravenwear and buy some neat outfits and accessories and let your lindens help homeless dogs at the K-9 New Life Center. The last event raised over $775 US for the charity!!! So lets keep it coming in and help to save the life of a homeless dog!

Fashionity Fantasy has an awesome dollarbie so don't forget to pick it up!!!!! Before long it will be gone!

CheekyMinx has lowered prices on my older items and have some freebee's and a couple of new items for the grandopening. So pop into her store and make sure to play on the banana teeter totter and all the other playground items to bring out your inner kid!

Ravenwear has released a dozen new items today for the even and they are all marked 50% off of the normal price for the evening of the event only!!! So make sure to grab your favorites or poof the markdown will be over with!

DesignStorm has put out some new horror items such as gloody hospital exam table, medical gurney, and the filing cabinet of death! Be sure to check these out his shop is across on the far side of the island also make sure to go upstairs he has a ton of freebies in a vendor!

Sale @ Sn@tch on Raven's Requiem

All Latex Pants on sale for $50 L (Regularly $175 L)

Free Granny's Bones Dress
Free Cheetah Gloves
Free Punk Band Pants, Fallen Angel Cropped Tee & Cock is huge in Japan Tee


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ravenwear has redesigned the sim and has some new rentals!

Ravenwear has redesigned the sim! Now featuring an urban flare with non shop buildings for rp or hanging out! Lots to explore! Ravenwear has the main stores for +plus, Second Look Studios, CheekyMinx, Attitude is an Artform, DesignStorm as well as sister stores for Fashionity fantasy, and Savonah Swimwear! Lots of awesome shops to explore along with abandoned buildings such as a hospital, church, asylum just to name a few! We have a grand opening event this Saturday from 3-5 PM slt so perfect time to rent! For rent shops ranging from 15-100 prims! Rent starting at $45 linden a week for 15 prims and $400 a week for 100 prim shops. Just find a shop with a for rent sign in front of it pay the rental box and IM raven Lament for group invite![/url]

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ravenwear's sim has a new look lots to explroe and great for photos!

Ohhhh come on in and check out the newness. There are new stores and an entire new island design with lots of places to explore and hang out! From hospitals to churches that scare you! Come hang out and have some fun on the island it is open for all to explore and check out! Also Ravenwear is now 2 story so remember to go upstairs ! I am still adding stuff but I wanted to give you guys a sneak peek!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Raven is so shhhhhhhhhhhh silent :O

Ravenwear has beennnn soooooooooooooo quiet! Wondering why? Well I am redoing the entire sim! So you will have a new shopping experience and new vendors on the isle! The new theme is urban and is so awesome with lots of buildings to explore and have fun in! So keep watching the blog for the grand opening and the newness that will be coming in designs too! But in the mean time check out the new boots shown is lolita :D