Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Smart reliable advertising!

When you are starting your own business you really need to find a way to get the word out there without breaking the bank. I have found using a pay per click service really allows you to keep a good control on your advertising budget. Alot of services charge an arm and a leg without giving you the ability to only be charged when people click the link. That is alot of money down the toilet when you are really getting nothing out of it. Having the control to only be charged for the advertisement you know you are getting some feedback from will allow you to always rate your progress as a business.

Having a way to reliably rank your traffic will allow peace of mind to verify your company growth. This is really the true goal for all business owners we need to find a way to keep progress going while keeping costs manageable.

I have also found finding a true community to keep you going and stand behind you allows for businesses to work as a team so to speak. The world wide web is a huge place and a little team work never hurt anyone. Within a pay per click advertising environment your business will thrive and allow you to get the word out there about the services or products you have to offer. The hard part really is finding the image you want to portray in your advertising because the advertising part just got a little bit easier!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Custom made gifts!

I get all my printing done from Vistaprint. If it is business cards or magnets for my car door Vistaprint has always done a great job. They offer quick shipping which is free or for lighting fast you can upgrade to their even faster option. The business cards have always gotten me noticied and are of a high quality. The current ones i have are black and white and are still stunning.

A great place for gits as well! You can make custom shirts for grandma or grandpa so they can show off their grandbabies. Also another great gift idea are photo calendars or mugs. I think we have all gotten tired of the same old gifts from Walmaert. Lets show we put some thought into it and make something truly customizable! I have nothing but good things to say so please give the company a shot and see where your creativity takes you for some great gifts!

Vintage gift wrap to match my holiday decorations

Guest post written by Nicole Furman

I take great care in decorating my house, so it should be no surprise that I really love to make sure that my house is nice looking and decorated for the holidays. I think that most people feel that way, but my husband has told me that I take it to the extreme some times. He probably has a point too because a lot of my holiday decorations are homemade, but I enjoy making them and I think I even save us some money sometimes because of all the DIY stuff that I do.

I'm very into the vintage and retro look, but in a tasteful, not tacky way. So I thought that this year I would take it a step further and try to carry that theme over to our gift wrap. I looked online to try and get some gift wrapping tips for how people used to do it decades ago. That's when I ran across South Carolina Sears and decided to use them to remodel our kithcen in January, which is what my husband is getting me for Christmas.