Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New Skull goodie and First finder pumpkins just placed so come FIND before they are gone

Hey all I have put out one new skull with a new outfit in it that has never been for sale! I also put out 10 more different first finder pumpkins!!! So pop over search Ravens Requiem and Arias Requiem see what you can find iside the first finders are skins, boots, clothes, hair and GIFT CERTIFICATES!!!!! So try your tracking skills and pull out some pumpkins!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ravenwear mens Underworld Dragon set

This is a spin off on the underworld set for girls but it of course caters to the male form and also has a dragon on the back for added masculinity. Very sexy comes in red, blue and of course black on sale in the mens section near the hair for $185 a color or fat pack for $500! Comes with jacket, gloves,pants and prim jacket tails part with belt!

Ravenwear fuzzy Boots

These shorter boots have cute fuzzy tops they are the non ao style with shoe shape. They attach to each foot are mod and trans! Size 0 foot please :)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Ravenwear Skinned knees, elbows and prim band aids!

New to ravenwear are skinned knee and elbow bits coming in two forms under parts, socks and gloves. They are perfect for your boo boo's after riding your bike and failing off! They are mod and copy no trans. You also get 4 prim band aids one for each knee and one for each elbow. They are mod and copy so you can make more if you like! On sale front of ravenwear!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ravenwear Livia Prim set

This set is really hot could be for rp or Halloween or just because you want to be sexy. Comes in 5 colors all with prim belt, panties, neck choker and wrist bands. High cut bottoms and sexy lines are a perfect contrast to the prims! On sale for $180 or get the fat pack for a bargain of a price

Ravenwear Controlled

New prim set from ravenwear open in the front with shorts underneath it is cute and flirty. Can be worn with both prim skirts or only one for a different look comes with the top as a jacket and shirt layer! On sale for $140 front of the store near the coffin harvester!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ravenwear fashion show starting shortly!

Fashion show starting in 30 mins! Pop in for an awesome fashion show! Watch the girls off CC Modeling do their thing on the runway in Ravenwear attire! 24 outfits shown on the runway! Lots of fun and a freebie! So pop in and have some gothic fun with us!

Located at CC Modeling Academy--Making Seco, Ayaan Island (162, 44, 22)

Or IM me for a TP!!!!

Ravenwear and Sinister Scripture halloween Hunt

Ravenwear and Sinister Scripture is having a hunt for Halloween! Look for the lil pumpkins and scary skulls spread about our two islands! Some cool prizes from hair to clothing to accesories and scripted items. There are 15 prizes total for all and and additional 11 bonus first finder prizes! The first to finds are pumpkins! Come on in and find skins, hair,eyes, scripted items, clothing you name it all laying around our two sims waiting for you to find!!!!
Only one person can find each of these hidden pumpkins! Make sure to take them if they are buy orginal! With such items as skins, Slwim, and other fun things! So bring your friends and have fun!

None of the prizes are in the stores they are placed all over the two islands in various locations!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Ravenwear fashion show tomorrow!

CC Modeling Academy is putting on a fashion show for Ravenwear with 24 outfits! So come out see the outfits in person and see what the models do with them and their looks is sure to be a fun event! Attached is the flyer tomorrow I will apss out the LM or if you want it in advance just IM me I will be happy to provide :)

Ravenwear Demon satyr complete av! with scripted items

This is a complete av including skin, hair, shape, eyes, hoof feet with walking sounds, prim tail that moves and a hud that controls the movements, horns that release particles saying evil inside on touch, fangs, flexi wings, outfit and an upper body tat! It is a great look and the fun is you can mix and match this set for everyday wear! All is copy no trans prim items are mod. Win a Halloween contest this year with this awesome avatar! For sale in the halloween shop and regular store

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ravenwear Elvira

On sale now at ravenwear 6 colors of sexiness! Comes with a smart skirt and non smart skirt version! On sale $160 a color or get the fat pack for a discount and for the alternative top version of the black set as well shown in the pic!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ravenwear Demolition

Something a lil different for you tool time girls! You get a sexy caution tape top, stockings, panties and a prim belt complete with tools and nails. All are mod and trans no copy. A different look and lets facing it Halloween is sneaking up on us!!! On sale frotn of Ravenwear and also in the Halloween shop that also has a special freebie hanging out!

Ravenwear Cupid costume

This is a cute set! Comes with a corset top, fishnet gloves and stockings, net glitch pants, net smart skirt, prim feathery wings, and heart sculptie antenaes with heart particles. you touch them to stop them and start them. On sale front of the store and also in the halloween shop for $150!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ravenwear Cybered 1 pant set

Sexy with edge this pant set has lot of shine and shimmer. Open front with buckles and back with chains and padlocks. A perfect combination for a look with bite! Comes in 6 colors or buy the fat pack on sale $140 a set at ravenwear back of the assets shoes display! Add some tails, horns etc and you have an awesome costume!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Ravenwear lady bug Costume

What a cutie! This set comes with all the extras including prim wings, antenae's and a prim smart skirt. Also included is the shirt, gloves, stockings and glitch pants! Perfect when you want to be something different at Halloween!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

New costume Strip Poker!

This is for those of you that dare to wear close to nothing! Red bikini comes with the set the prim cards can also be worn without the top for a daring look! On sale at the front of the store and also in the Halloween shoppe!! 120

Saturday, October 20, 2007

New Freebie Giver for Fall bobbing for Apples!

New for fall Bobbing for apples an interactive freebie giver! This is a great way to get your fall spirit up! This new freebie giver allows people to place items into the contents. You then select Bob on the pie menu and watch your avatar Bob for apples pulling out a random item everytime! Bring something interesting to your parties for Halloween! Limited Time OFFER!!!!

On sale front of Ravenwear right inside door! $450 for a copy mod one!

Naughty Nun at Ravenwear

This is a sexy lil costume a latex nun outfit complete with prim habit attaches at nose so can be worn with any hair smaller hair is better so it doesn't stick out of the backside of the habit. You also get two jacket options for the top one closed and one open each with different cross accents. The skirt is a prim mini and looks so sexy! Looks great with your favorite boots! On sale front of Ravenwear for $160!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Ravenwear Eternal Hair

With tint script and pretty curls this hair do is awfully cute! Pick from 8 colors mod and copy of course! Cute hair jewelry included! Pick up a set for $75 a set or $450 with all colors! What a bargain!

Ravenwear gothic lolita extreme

This gothic outfit takes an extreme twist on the items I usually make. It is very cute with a large two layer prim skirt non flexi but it is enabled with smart skirt which makes a world of wonders when you sit! Comes with a sculptie tie/collar, jacket and shirt layer, panties and striped tights! Cute lil set on sale front of Ravenwear $160! Hair shown is coming soon to Ravenwear!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ravenwear Guilded cape for men!

A new mans cape hits the shelves. Mod and trans this cape is fierce. Perfect in time for Halloween! On sale for $185 mens outfit also available at Ravenwear it is Suspension! Skin shown also available hair by gurl6!


New Hair Spectra hair with a diff look and a diff texture thrown in for some wispy strands demo is free as always this one comes only in black! It is large and flowing very sexy look so pop in and try it on as always single colors $75 l each!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ravenwear skullified prim dress with many options!

This is a cute lil dress. comes with jacket with built in belt gloves that serve to make the arms longer. Also has two different patterned prim skirts! One in black for a more simple look an the other in the matching skull pattern as soon on the tights and the belt. both skirts have smart skirt built! On sale front of Ravenwear new Underworld outfit!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ravenwear Juiced and Blow Pop Hair

This is a really cute pig tail style with lots of color and oomph perfect for a goth or punk or trend setter! They are mod and copy no trans of course Demo available for $0 l so try them out and see what ya think! Also new is blowpop a variation on Juiced! On sale $75 a color or get the fat pack

Monday, October 15, 2007

Morticia inspired dress Morte comes to Ravenwear

dark and seductive this dress features a plunging neckline a gorgeous vamp sculptie collar, a long flowing prim dress with smart skirt for sitting walking etc and beautiful lace stockings with lots of detail comes in four colors or you can get the fat pack. Perfect for Halloween Balls!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Freebie at Ravenwear Limited Time

Pop into ravenwear and pick up the skull swim bikini set! It is marked free for a limited time so get it while it's hot! Perfect swimwear for the eerie halloween hour! Yet sexy and seductive the top looks so cute with jeans as well!

Underworld fat pack!

Thanks to requests I now have the underworld fat pack available buy all 5 colors for 775 that is like getting one set free!!! So if you love the best selling set pop in and pick it up

Ravenwear new Zira hair!

Comes in 5 colors! Buy each color or get the fat pack. Flexi and unusual this is an eye catching large hair style mod and copy of course and a free demo so check it out!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ravenwear Treasure

This is an adorable set. Comes with a cute lil frilly skirt with cross accents! The shirt has alot of detail and it also comes in a jacket version! Purchase it to be someone's lil treasure girl! On sale front of Ravenwear 150$ Hair shown coming soon to ravenwear!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Ravenwear Strappes Bikini/dancer set

These are some sexy lil numbers. They come with pants and shirt layer for the bikini then gloves and socks for the strappes. They are mod and trans each sold for $100 or a fat pack of 5 for $400! Pick from ice, red,black, silver and pink! On sale in the swimsuit area at ravenwear

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Premade Pools!

As we all know Sinister Scripture is the leader in swimgear! Well now to make life simpler for those who do not build but still want a pool with SlWim compatible water we have two prefab pools in rezzer boxes! So just buy rez and swim!!! They are interesting shapes not your usual rectangle with built in stairs! On sale at Sinister Scripture tp to Ravenwear and walk all the way to the left past the sim cross and you will find them right outside the door! This way you can see fullsized demos!

Ravenwear new Boots!

These boots are old school with no ao included. They have shoe shape and prim bits as well. Mod and Trans Very cute! I wanted to make a set that was available to those that did not wish for a new ao! On sale front of ravenwear!!! On sale $300 L



Ravenwear Spiderella hair

I really like this hair. It comes in 5 colors all mod and copy. Flexi bits and adornments. This hair is awesome for any costume or look really from warrioress to cyborg! On sale $75 a color or $350 for fat pack! Demos as always are free!

New items in 50l and less and also in Halloween store

Hair, prim dresses and pants sets! Pop in and pick them up while they are cheap!!!! in the 50l and less store Shown below is one outfit places into the 50l and less area!

The Halloween store has some cute avatars added and decorations such as a flying bat that makes noise and poops! So pick them up for your party! Ohh also items in the coffin harvester in the halloween shop including some awesome ravenwear items! Pick them up before they are gone



Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ravenwear dolly prim set with options!

Mmmm cute as a button this like white lace eyelet trimmed set is just an adorable look for the goth, innocent, or naughty one in you comes with jacket, top, glitch pants, two skirts one with bondage straps and no smart skirt and one without bondage straps and with smart skirt! As well as socks and the cutest white ruffled lace panties with lil flower accent! On sale front of the store $185 And don't forget to visit the new Halloween shop set up for a limited time only new items will be added!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ravenwear spaced out dreads!

New to the hair department is ravenwear spaced out dreads in three color options and of course a free demo! They are cute and spunky! mod and copy no trans as usual come in and enjoy!

Ravenwear Skull Breaker cape!

This is a new mens release perfect for halloween! It is long and flowing with skulls! Is mod and trans no copy on sale $185 located in the mens section top shelf with all the capes! Clothing shown is punk guy also in the shop!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Sailor girl costume!

Ravenwear sailor girl costume with smart skirt technology. This is a cute lil number comes with prim skirt with smart technology! Comes with cute stockings and the shirt as well as a non prim skirt for those that don't mind the ll skirt mesh In the new halloween store right at the tp point

New Halloween shop featuring new bloody man avatar

Looking for those Halloween goodies filled with frightful screams? Well look no further! We have costumes, avatars, skins, decor such as furniture and bloody body hooks! There are also cemetary texture packs and all else that goes bump in the night! Avatars for men and women! Look for more to come soon! The newest addition is The bloody Man avatar complete with skin, shape, eyes,hair, clothing, boots and blood layer! Look frightful for all those halloween parties! On sale in the new Halloween store $500L

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Ravenwear countessa gown with smart skirts

Sexy sophisticated gown new at Ravenwear! Pick from 5 colors green, pink, black, red and cyan. Comes with shirt, gloves,pants *which loo kcute without the prim skirt* and the large prim skirt with smart skirt technology. Low cut back with chains hanging lots of lace and vinyl shown with a bondage collar also available at Ravenwear makes a great accent! Hair is the Gurl6 hair of the month so cute! On sale $200

Friday, October 5, 2007

Ravenwear Delilah

Sweet but sinister this pants number is sure to boil any one's blood. Lil ties adorn the top the bottom have one open leg with lacing on the side the closed leg has laces for an added detail. comes in 5 colors for $140 each or get the fat pack for $500 mod and trans!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ravenwear new mens pants

I released two new pants and arm band sets for men! OMG it is a miracle poor men! Well anyway they are in the mens section selling for 100l mod and trans! so check em out! Shown with ravenwear man hair and goatee

Ravenwear Petra

New to ravenwear this seductive pvc baby doll set. Comes with skirt prim, belt prim, top, and pants layer. The skirt prim has smart skirt technology! So you can sit proper :) It is very cute and can be made naughty or nice depending on the accesories! Comes in 6 color options all are smoking hot! On sale front of Ravenwear backside of the assets shoe display for $180!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ravenwear's next fashion show is in the news

Ravenwear's next fashion show is in the news. ... read all about it in the SL newspaper online click Design on the left for full story!
So remember...make a date with us this Saturday 6 Oct 11am as we will be unveiling some of the most beautiful models you will ever find in town....a fashion show extravaganza featuring Apple May Designs, Ravenwear, Indyra Originals and Szentasha Fashions and a party to boot with DJ Marko Beery (aka The Suit) of Dogglounge Radio till late.

Date : 6 October 2007, SaturdayTime : 11amVenue : Heaven's Avenue (Maria Christine 160, 63, 199)

New Assets boot patterns!

5 new patterns to pick from these are the ones with built in ao's that lengethen your legs as they do not use invisible prims or shoe shapes that cut the legs down. They pop the booty out and have sexy walk, run, stands and sit! On sale front of Ravenwear large display board please spank the vendor for further information on how it works!