Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ravenwear and Sinister Scripture halloween Hunt

Ravenwear and Sinister Scripture is having a hunt for Halloween! Look for the lil pumpkins and scary skulls spread about our two islands! Some cool prizes from hair to clothing to accesories and scripted items. There are 15 prizes total for all and and additional 11 bonus first finder prizes! The first to finds are pumpkins! Come on in and find skins, hair,eyes, scripted items, clothing you name it all laying around our two sims waiting for you to find!!!!
Only one person can find each of these hidden pumpkins! Make sure to take them if they are buy orginal! With such items as skins, Slwim, and other fun things! So bring your friends and have fun!

None of the prizes are in the stores they are placed all over the two islands in various locations!

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