Friday, November 30, 2007

Ravenwear Huge Sale info

The sale items are mixed in with the regular just look at the walls and you cant miss them multi boxes on each wall they are marked for 50l or less or 100l or less in the case of multiple color sets! Mens, accessories,shoes, outfits etc

Ravenwear HUGE SALE!

Pop on in and check out the selection! Alot of outfits reduced to more then 50% off!! This is in preparation for our changing buildings! Hair too and accessories as well as boots for $50l or less! I had to make room for the new so you get to save! Some items will be retired forever!!!! So don't miss out on this megasale event!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Photo contest!

Do you want to take part in Ravenwear fashion show and take 1st prize and win a $1000 gift card for a shopping spree? Well read the info below and get all done up don't forget Ravenwear is edgey so done up doesn't always mean pink and perdy lol Be creative show your fun side and personality and you might be one of the lucky ones!

Do you want to take part in Ravenwear fashion show and take 1st prize and win a $1000 gift card for a shopping spree? Well first off you need to be in the Ravenwear update group just search groups for Ravenwear Fashion wtih Attitude. It is open to all to join.

Send a full perms photo in your favorite Ravenwear clothing item or accessory named RAVENWEAR CONTEST (your name) to Raven Lament. Closing date for entries is December 1st, and three winners will be annouced on December 4th.
1st prize: 1000L$ store card
2nd prize: 750L$ store card
3rd prize: 500L$ store card
all 3 winners will take part in upcoming fashion show scheduled for mid December late afternoon slt time

Feel free to use Photosphere at Ravens requiem you can do a search for Ravenwear Art gallery and find a tp right to it :)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ravenwear new tats for men and women!

Check out these three new tat sets. They range from the mythical to the pop culture! They are all no trans but mod and copy so color and make as many copies as you like. They are very detailed and awesome for those ink collectors! On sale in the middle of the store with the tats!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ravenwear Essie Dramatic hair

Available in 5 colors this hair will really get attention lots of detail this hair has alot of options could be goth, could be cyber, could be Marie Antoinette! So pop in try a free demo each color $75 or fat pack for a deal!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ravenwear Fluffy Neko ear tail and hud sets with sound and animation

Here comes a fluffy version of the Ravenwear neko ears, tail and sound hud! These sets feature tail animations and ear animations controlled on your hud! The hud also has sounds built in hisses, growls, meows etc many to pick from with one touch of the cat on the hud! Tail has 5 animations! Ears can be up, down or random where they move at their own will! On sale at ravenwear follow the pawprints to the neko area and pick up a set only $250

Monday, November 19, 2007

Ravenwear Nala Hair

Pop in and go to the hair section of the store for this new look! Lots of colors pick from 6 * blondes, blacks and browns not to mention reds!* So pop in pick up a demo always free! and each color only $75 l!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ravenwear Coords pant sets!

These are some really adorable pants alot of detail and also sculptie cuffs to boot they come with a cute shrot top with a belt accent right under the breasts. Diff colors for each matching coord pants set. They come in 8 colors so get them serepate or get the super fat pack for a huge discount as stated before the perms have all changed and now all new items will be copy, mod no trans! thanks to all the sl non delivieries :)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Sinister Scripture scripted collar and cuff sets so sexy!

These scripted collar and cuff sets are hot! They come with collar, two wrist cuffs, and 2 ankle cuffs all scripted! You can then click the collar to get a menu You can add your owner or owners allowing them to be able to leash you, make you kneel,sit, etc, or cage you. It also gives you access to the hide show menu as well as the ao and the animator! The animator has built in poses and you can add more! So many things it does for such a good price. Mod and Trans no COPY! Available in two styles now. color changeable with a script! So versatile!!! Available at Sinister Scripture in the Ravenwear store!


Ravenwear Alienation

These are adorable lil sets that come with glitch pants that are cute as shorts, suspended underpants, jacket as suspenders, netted shirt, pasties, sockies with bows on the side and of course the prim skirt. Comes in 5 colors for $150 each or get the fat pack for a big discount!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ravenwear mens Plaids

these pants are hawt on any man! They have high rise so comes up to top of pants layer. They are mod and copy no trans! Pick from the colors shown or get the fat pack for a discount comes with sculptie cuffs! On sale in the mens section!!!! $100 a pair

Ravenwear Academic Punk

This is an adorable set that has alot of possibility depending on the accessroies. Each color comes with arm warmers with prim tops, jacket layer for top, pants and sculptie cuffs. The fat pack has a bonus color jacket and arm warmer layer. There are 9 color options for sale for $150 or you can get a real deal on the fat pack for much less. All are no trans and mod as per popular vote and Ravenwear's new policy of making everything no trans and mod :) For gifts just IM me and we can arrange :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Racer x for the boys!

New for the guys is a sexy leather racer x pants set. comes with gloves, socks, shirt, jacket, undershirt, pants and underpants so you can wear whatever layers you need! The pants are sleek and fitted with alot of shading. On sale in the mens section of Ravenwear for $222 a set or get the fat pack of all 4 colors for a discount!! This is a project between Geometrica Design and Ravenwear!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ravenwear fallen Angels tat

This new upper and lower body tat is tintable and modable but no trans. It is shown in a more faded tone but can be tinted black as well as any other color of the rainbow. On sale $90l in the tat wall in the middle of the store

Saturday, November 10, 2007


My Sympathy to all that knew Ginny. A bright talent that definitely brought alot to the world of second life and I am sure even more to those loved ones in her life. I am very sorry to hear of this and my thoughts are with you all!

Ravenwear Deviant Set

Ravenwear release Deviant a new short prim skirt set with alot of netting. Each color comes with stockings, jacket layer, pants and prim skirt. All is mod and transfer. the colors are red, blue, black, silver,and purple. On sale for $140 a set!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Tattoo Explosion at Ravenwear

4 new tats come to Ravenwear all are mod and no trans. They are all tintable and come in the color shown in the pic but you can make copies and tint any color you like! All come with shirt/undershirt and/or pants,underpants layers! Very cute additions to your look from $50l to $90L!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

New Hair Amber

A new short hair style comes to Ravenwear in four colors. Demo is free and single colors are $75 with the fat pack being a discount! So pop in and try it!

Last Chance to get!

It was out for a limited time and now that time is ending so if you haven't gotten one yet and want one time to grab great for party favors and other freebies! Pop into Ravenwear and you will find it!

Ravenwear fairyTale

Something a lil different these gowns are something out of a storybook! Sold in four colors each color comes with four prim skirts. One featuring the lighter material on the upper skirt ruffle one the darker and then each in a smart skirt version. Also includes top and glitch pants. Very cute if you want to be cinderella or maybe a darker princess is what you fancy on sale front of ravenwear 180!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ravenwear casuals!

New denim sets each come with two pairs of jeans one with ripped knee on without and a sexy tank shirt with a gorgeous texture. The jeans have great accents on the legs and pockets! Pick from 6 color choices or get the fat pack for a mega deal. On sale front of Ravenwear $120 a set!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ravenwear slave

With chains and hugging latex this set has appeal for all. Mod and trans comes with shirt, pants and gloves! On sale front of ravenwear for $140!! Pop in and pick it up

Monday, November 5, 2007

Ravenwear maiden

New sexy dress set perfect for a night at the opera or a night being the queen of your castle! Comes with shirt, glitch pants, and a smart and not so smart skirt as well as optional sculptie collar! Very seductive set that is all mod and trans. On sale front of Ravenwear in 4 colors~!



Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sinister Scripture Rental System for Malls or Houses

Now for sale the rental system seen at ravenwear mall. It is easy to use! Offering alot of features for a small price tag. It is $500 l for a copy version. This rental system is a low lag system. you can use it for commercial rentals or residential. You can set the number of prims, price, and time of rental. This system will alert you when the renter has went over the allocated prims and will also warn you and the renter when their rent will be due. It will remind them every day. Found at Arias Requiem down near the smart skirts

Ravenwear Nadia

Ravenwear nadia is something a lil different. Features a top with mesh and camo that goes down to lil panties with a slender prim skirt. the prim skirt comes with both smart skirt version and not so smart version. All mod and trans. This set comes in 4 colors you can buy them separate or the fat pack :)

Friday, November 2, 2007

Ravenwear malice

Prim set with some fright. Comes with top, striped tights, glitch pants and a smart skirt and non smart skirt. The big bow is attached to the skirt along with the prim aparon and the lace underskirt! Comes in blue or grey very cute look!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ravenwear Dragons

Pants set with shirt and sculptie tie! really a cute look. The button down shirt is sexy with a dragon on the back and front pocket. The pants have lil zipper accents and the tie is just sexy! Mod and trans and also looks cute on the girls :O On sale in the mens section for $140

Ravenwear Flirty prim skirt sets

This is a cute lil laced up corset prim skirt set! Comes in 8 colors or you can get the fat pack with all of them for $500 a huge savings! they are mod and trans so split them up with friends! Comes with two skirts one with smart skirt one without. So you can pick! Single colors are $140 so pop in and pick up a set