Monday, June 30, 2008

Ravenwear Lena and a shop for rent!

I had made this outfit for a special event and now it is back for sale in the store! Cute either system skirt or single prim mini skirt with matching stockings and shirt is just too sexy for words! On sale $140 in the prim dress area of the shop!

Also one 75 prim shop left to rent last one available very close to the tp in point so pop in pay the rental box it is $250 a week but you must pay for 2 weeks to start and message me for group invite!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ravenwear Dollarbie skin

As part of the 50l clearing of the skins sale I wanted to put a dollarbie skin up to wet your appetite!This skin will be gone gone gone when the new skins come out so pop in and pick it up and dont forget to check out the 50 linden skins for sale! A selection of goth, tan and blushed coloring!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ravenwear new mens latex! And two shops for rent on the island!

New latex mens strapped set! Featuring buckles and laces up the front of the outfit. Very sexy and sleek! Comes with pants, top and gloves mod copy no transfer on sale for $140 upstairs in the mens section so pop in and pick it up btw I am sure it would look cute on the girls too!

Also there are two 50 prim shops for rent on the island rent is only $200 a week we are also in the midst of planning on hunt for July so traffic should be great!If you want to rent just pay the box and IM me for an invite!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

$50 linden skin sale!

I am working on some new skins yay! So time to clear out some old I have marked 6 vendors down to 50 lindens per skin! Blushed tanned and goth skins included in the sale so pop in and pick some up before they are bye bye! Ignore the date on it I was tooooo lazy to make a new one rofl!!!

Ohh check out my new yearbook page it is kinda a fun lil addictive thing lol

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ravenwear Tapika latex sexy set!

This is super sexy as it should be being named after one of the models! Each color comes with top, pants, stockings with prim tops and optional lil skirt cover up. It has alot of detailing from buckles to laces and is on sale $140 a color or $500 for a fat pack of all 6 colors! So pop in and pick it up :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ravenwear Violet Set

This is a set I find adorable! Again a lil bit punk with some pink plaids and stockings with ruffled tops. The bottoms can be worn as shorts or as a single prim skirt. The top is a ruffled tank with garter straps hanging off and also included strapped matching gloves all for $140 a great look pop in and grab it!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ravenwear Requiem for fashion show starts in 30 minutes so pop on out for some fun

Requiem for Fashion show is today June 22nd 2pm slt

Get your fashion on with us at the Requiem for Fashion show sponsored by Ravenwear! This show will feature hot outfits from many of the designers on Ravens Requiem island. Sexy swim wear by Savonah, Hot outfits and boots from Sweetest Sin, Dark River whose main store is on the island has two sexy sets for you! SD Wears, Nova, CheekyMinx, Fashionity Fantasy, Icey just to name a few! All the poses are from Kopisusu who not only makes awesome poses but also makes adorable shapes! The outfits are featuring accessories from +Plus, Bliensen , Fing, and TTF! So head on out at 2 pm SLT to Ravens Requiem the show is being held in the airplane hangar on the island. There will also be random give aways during the show so come on out and enjoy the awesome tunes being spun by the talented DJ Dakkon blackflag! And after the show please check out the shops on the island and the theme buildings that are always open for you to use and explore! Including a haunted church with hidden room, Morgue, Asylum and also a photo studio that has over 500 poses for you to use!! So pop in and have some fun!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Ravenwear Gothic Flapper

This is a cute prim dress set featuring two skirt prims one with a flexi sculpt bow and rhinestone skull also comes with the neck piece featuring a rhinestone skull as well as the top and glitch pants! On sale for $150 or get all colors for $600! Mod copy no trans of course! And dont forget the fashion show for the island this Sunday at 2 pm slt!!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ravenwear pencil hair

New cute triple pony tail design it is a really different look and comes in a large variety of colors shown is the black with red tip as always free demos and each color is only $75 L so pop in and pick it up!

Ravenwear one shot for men!

Finally something for the men! This set is awesome plaid punk pants with built in belt and camo tank top with the word one shot on the back. Really neat look on sale upstairs in the mens section for $100 perfect for you to add your fav accessories and bracers to!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ravenwear dollar tops!

Pop in and pick up a set so cute lil white tanks with lace up corset backs and diff designs on the front! They can be worn with a skirt or pants either way they are a staple for the punk and better because they are only $1 for all!

Ravenwear plaid latex sculpt dresses

Ok guys I love plaid and latex yum so I decided to do a sculpt dress version comes with glitch pants, top, and skirt that is sculpt ohhh almost forgot the gloces the best part is the glithc pants are mod nad you can make them into a cute lil tank pant set as well! So like two looks in one set! On sale $150 a color or all 4 for $400!!

Ravenwear plaid swi mset in latex

Ohh lala so sexy!! this set comes in the shirt/pants and the under layers so use them how you need on sale $100 for each of the four colors or get all four colors for $300!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ravenwear Latex Dancer

New Latex Dancer is sexy with cuteness. The set has a black top with cut out bikini parts that come in 5 colors! The back is plunging and the skirt is a sculpt frilled tutu type skirt. Very cute set! On sale $150 a color or all 5 for $450!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Ravenwear is no longer associated with the dumpsters or trash bins

I just wanted to let everyone know Ravenwear is no longer associated with Aria Alexandria and the dumpsters or trash bins or the coffin harvester etc etc. So if anyone has any issues please contact Aria as unfortunately I am still shown as the creator but have no way of offering any support for these items. I no longer sell them and am in no way associated. I would recommend\\

I am very sorry for any confusion or issues.

Ravenwear Expelled

This set comes with prim skirt, glitch pants, top, sculpt cuffs, collar and tie, stockings, and prim leg warmers! It is just so damn cute!!!! On sale at the new wall for $150!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ravenwear Liquid Swim

New out are these luquid swimsuits! Comes in 5 colors for $100 a set or get the fat pack all 5 for $350! Very sexy sets perfect for a day on the beach or add a prim skirt for a sexy look!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Latex for men in plaid! You asked for it we deliver!

Plaid mens latex is now available located upstairs in the store in the mens section this is a sexy set be punk be S&m or just be sexy! Buy single colors or get the fat pack for only $100 a color! !

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ravenwear Zebra latex

This is sexy hot zebra latex! Comes in four colors such as black, silver, pink and lilac! All great options looks super cute on a furry!! On sale or get the fat pack for a huge discount! all layers included

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ravenwear has a one of a kind for auction for the relay for life fashion expo!

Fashion Expo Fashion will begin at 11AM SLT, SL willing. So please join us and check out the one of a kind ravenwear teaser set that will be an auction directly after the fashion show!!! It is an adorable lil set The best part is all the money goes to charity

Ravenwear has moved over 25 items to the 50l and less area!!!

Welcome to the Ravenwear clearance/retirement sale. Well needless to say I am old in sl years and have made too much stuff so I want to clear out the shop. I have added over 25 items to the 50l and less shop sojme as low as $1 also marked down the neko fur tails and ears as well as marking down male skins to $200 and the succubus avatar that comes complete with a ton if items! Dont forget 50l and less area is upstairs at the shop!

Ravenwear latex Plaid!

These sets are so hot! They come in a variety of plaid colors from black to pink to blue and all inbetween! They are just so sexy and filled with attitude! On sale at Ravenwear $160 a color or $500 for all 6!!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Ravenwear Spider Swim

New bathing suit set in one piece featuring buckles and chains in the middle a sheer spider material on sale for $100 a color! Or get all 5 colors for the price of four! Comes in shirt/pants layer and under layers too

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ravenwear Fashion Expo relay for life outfit

This cute latex number comes with a system and a prim skirt. It is sexy and daring and the best part is all the money goes to charity!!!! So be sure to pop in and pick up a set! This will tp you directly to the store at the fashion expo so pop in and pick up a copy

Striped sculpt skirts

Shown with the marm top these skirts are sooo cute! They go great with alot of diff looks from prissy to goth to punk and all inbetween! Pick up a set only $75

Ravenwear Illegitimate with prim shorts and also prim leg bracers!

Very punk! This set features a tank top with open laced up corset back and a plaid skull on the front. The shorts are matching plaid with sculpt prim legs! Also includes prim leg bracers with skulls on the front also in the matching plaid comes in four colors or get the fat pack!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ravenwear Punkabilly

Ohh lala this is a set with sex appeal and attitude! Adorable micro teaser skirt with a pink plaid with skulls on it leads up to a net undershirt and a corset on top that says I am so beautiful then there are matching arm warmers with sculpt arm bracers also included are the net stockings and lil bitty thong panties in black! A complete look with the fun of the scripted teaser skirt!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ravenwear Vertical Pants and Marm shirt

This is a super cute look the striped vertical pants lengthen the legs and add some kick to your style. They come in a variety of colors to match every look you might want to try. Shown with the new Marm top set which comes in 8 colors! It is cute and sassy and goes well with these pants but would also look cute with your favorite skirt! On sale $85 per color pants and the Marm set all colors included $200L!!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Ravenwear Frilled

This is a cute set with a frilled skirt that is sculpt. Can look formal or can look goth depending on the accessories. Very cute on sale for $140 Comes with glitch pants, two shirts and the sculpt skirt

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ravenwear slirty striped tops

These striped tops can be worn with or without the prim you get all three colors of stripes included in one set for $100 lindens. They are shown with the corduroy miniskirt also available at Ravenwear! Perfect for that summer look!

Ravenwear has a few shops for rent

Ravenwear has 50 prim, one 75 prim and one 100 prim shops for rent! The 100 prim shop is in a prime location right at the isles tp in point! So if you are interested in renting some vendor space pop in and check it out!!! rates are $200 for 50 prim and $400 for 100 prim!You also get free use of the photostudio loaded with over 800 different poses and many backgrounds to use! As well as participation in island events such as hunts, fashion shows, parties etc!