Friday, January 29, 2010

Working towards newness

Well here I am again with the island fully rented out and finally having some time to work towards some newness. I have uploaded new hair textures and plan to make some new styles. I will also be renting out a few stores for people so if you are interested in having a store 100 prims or less please drop me a line. Long term landlord with excellent references and stability so you will not have to move or redo your store anytime soon. I am looking forward to some new things to bring to the second life community. As you all might know I had to take a break for a bit.

On a real life note I have made alot of new friends and have been working on my photography and my art. All of which keeps me happy! I have met some really cool new people alot that I usually would not run with. So it has helped me expand myself. I have also got to check out some really awesome new cars ohhhhh have you seen the chevy corvette pics.Omg it just looks so awesome!!!! It is a bit out of my league i have to say but I would not give to own one. But alas I will have to stick with my low end model import lol I guess we can all have our dreams. Another cool new vehicle is the land rover the things they can do and places they can go. I have always been more of a truck girl myself than the sports cars. But I do like a wide variety of vehicles. The chevy tahoe is really more my speed. Large spacious and roomy. I do have alot of dogs that need space to ride in. I have an suv now and I love it. I am sorry I know it makes gas concerned people mad but I really do need the room. I am less into the lexus models. People say they are very nice but I just can not see myself in one ever. Unless they make a really nice durable SUV which I do not see happening in the future due to the current auto market. For the time being I will be happy with my car but I can dream and drool over some of the 2010 models of coolness.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rent me 1/4 of an isle!

For rent 1/4of the Requiem Island! it is a class 5 island! You will receive the ability to change anything on the parcel.Terraform, change music ect etc It will be set up as you like it. I am very flexible! This is a long term rental. Once you rent it you can do what you please with it residential or commercial. Just contact me via email [email][/email]

1/4 of the island which is 3250 prims and the cost is $22,000 lindens The price is reasonable just to cover the tier looking for a renter asap thanks again! Any questions just ask!