Monday, March 31, 2008

Ravenwear camo tanks

these cute tanks are sold 5 in one pack. They are the good vs evil tanks and come in diff colors. Very cute with jeans or the new camo capris ravenwear has out on sale $200l for the 5 pack!

Ravenwear Neko and Furry Photo Contest

Ravenwear Neko and Furry Photo Contest

As a way of saying thanks for your support and nominations for the best Furry Designer in the Merovingi Fashion Awards I wanted to hold a photo contest specifically for Furry and Neko avatars. I love the community and I love the looks you guys put together for your avs. This photo contest is to be used as a showcase for those looks! The contest will start April 2nd and will end of April 11th. The winners will be announced on April 12th. So what are the goods? Each av may submit up to 2 photos of their furry/neko avatar featuring one piece of Ravenwear product it can be pants, shirt, tat, jewelry, hair etc etc it just has to be one piece included in the look. The photos can be taken anywhere in sl they can also be manipulated in photoshop as to be placed on a non sl background. This contest is first and foremost about creativity. I am a real life photographer and love the way the camera can catch a moment, an emotion, and a glimpse into the soul. I would love to see your best photos from sl that capture the same! So please submit them to me full perms so I can blog the winner as well as hang the winning photos in my shop. Placee them in a folder named Ravenwear photo contest YOUR NAME. Inside please include your photos and if you like a notecard about your photos. Hand them to me Raven Lament.

Prizes are as follows:

Grand Prize $1500 lindens and a Ravenwear shopping spree of $1000L
Second Prize a $500L shopping spree at Ravenwear and $500 lindens
Third Prize a $500 shopping spree at Ravenwear

The photos will be judged by myself and a panel of judges. Anyone may enter. No group photos. Photos submitted may be used in the Ravenwear store in the future. The photos will remain your property but you are allowing me to use them in anyway I see fit in ads, store hangings etc.

Thanks so much

Raven Lament

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ravenwear camo capris with sculpt pockets and cuffs

New are some really cute camo capris complete with four sculpted pockets and sculpted cuffs with matching camo texture! They are a great length to wear with your fav sneakers! On sale for $100 a pair or fat pack for a discount weee Shown with the Ravenwear new punk tops and also the halter top in some shots!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fido Boutique has teaser skirts with animal prints!

I have placed out 5 new teaser skirts that are on sale 100% goes to the k-9 New Life center. There is also an exclusive dress from Stellar Design in which the profits go to charity as well as an adorable skele animal k9 avatar from Smash!!!! So pop in and check it out all money goes to help homeless dogs! Also visit the PopFuzz store in which 50% of all sales goes to k9 located right outside of fido door over the bridge so pop in please! More items to come soon from other designers!

Also the skele animal av!

Ravenwear Nomination!

Thank you so much for nominating me for the Best Furry Designer for the Merovingi Fashion Awards! During a week long event (April 20th - 26th) you will be able to come to the sim and vote for the best designer in the diff categories. There will be fashion shows during this time and most importantly we will be raising funds for Doctors without Borders and the National Breast Cancer Foundation. So again thank you so much for your support it really means so much to be nominated! I will keep you posted! I will be releasing some special fund raising items for this event!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Ravenwear new punk tops

These shorts are something diff from ravenwear an asymmetrical shape with lots of little sequins and stripes on the shirt. Comes in 8 colors and retails for $60 linden a color pop in and check them out dont forget the freebie top that is still in the store for now but wont be there much longer! Shown with spring time skirt in grey!

Ravenwear Striped mens latex be a super hero!

I love this set! It has a super hero feel to me and awesome shading and lighting it is perfect for any guy wanting to show off! Don't worry ladies a girls set will be coming one day lol On sale in the mens section right back side of the shop for $160 a color or get e a nice big old fat pack!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Freebie for a limited time!

I decided to put this top out as a freebie for a limited time! It has net sleeves and a cross on the front looks great with a skirt like the spring time one shown in pic or also with your fav pants! On sale for $0l near the info wall in a ravenwear box! Thanks again for loving the weird fashions as I do!!

Ravenwear dark sequins!

This mini dress is hawt comes in 8 colors and is all full of sequins and on the front is a dark evil skull rhinestone adornment. It is a lil bit punk a lil bit goth a lil bit fashionista! Single prim skirt , pants and top layer! Pop in and pick it up $150L or fat pack saves you $400L!

Ravenwear moving items to 50l and less

I have moved over 2 dozen items to the 50l and less area to clear out sme space in the shop prim dresses and pants sets mostly. They are all marked down from 1-50lindens I am also going to be retiring some items for ever in the next few weeks from this room so be sure to pop in check it out and pick up those must haves!Also including dollarbee eyes!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

ravenwear skull accessories

New to Ravenwear are some accessories. Skull necklace, bangles and belt! They belt and necklace are available for him as well! But the bangles well err they are all girls lol Each piece selling for $100 l and less!

Ravenwear mall shops for rent! Good prices great location

Cool three stores for rent at Ravenwear isle
For rent one 100 prim shop for $400 a week with your own parceled landing point, keywords, and it shows in search For rent near Ravenwear's shop and also right down from the main stores for Ghost, Fuel, +Plus, Attitude is an art form and Malinconia just look for the rental sign and if you want to rent pay the box near the door and im me.

There are also 2 fifty prim spots for rent which are $200l a week! one is right at the Ravenwear body shop door and landing point the other is located at the requiem mall landing point! Both are nice spots to move into! So just im me if you have questions or would like to rent and need a group invite

Ravenwear skull arm bracers!

These sculpt bracers are just so cute they come with a glove layer that can be worn or not worn the rest is all sculpt fun! With skulls on the front and buckles! These come in a pair and are copy mod and no transfer. On sale front of Ravenwear!


Harlequin Latex in lots of colors!

Another great inspiration of Francis Kline this latex set is hot! Comes in a variety of colors and looks great with alot of looks. I really love the pink and black it is so cute and femme yet so naughty! On sale front of Ravenwear $160 a set or get the fat pack for big discount!!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ravenwear Gothic halters

New this 6 pack set of gothic halters has spiders and skulls and crosses galore it looks very cute with your fav teaser skirt or fav leather pants buy the set of 6 for $200 L !


Ravenwear sculpt arm bracers

Something new to ravenwear these bracers are almost 100% sculpt! They are so damn cute! Mod and copy no trans of course you get a set of two that are positioned to forearms. They also come with the gloves that you can wear underneath for an added affect. They are on sale front of Ravenwear!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Ravenwear Skoolastic Tops with sculpt sleeves

Ravenwear Skoolastic tops come with button detailing and a nice knit material texturing. They come in alot of color options each set having matching sculpt sleeve cuffs. The sculpt is just so cute sort of frilly. Looks awesome with the spring time skirts which is what is shown in the pics. The skins shown are also available from ravenwear

New Hoodies at Ravenwear

11 new styles to pick from all with sculpt down hood. They are jacket layers so they are long enough to cover the top of your pants. mod and copy no trans! Pick from hearts, gothic animals, skulls, and pinup girls! They work on a guy or girl! On sale now! Get them for a great price or the fat pack for huge discount!

Ravenwear new teaser skirt patterns

I have put out 19 new teaser skirt patterns from soft plaid spring colors to black with accents on the bottom to stripes a lil bit of everything they are located in the store in the teaser skirt section. Teaser skirts flip up front and back and also allow others to flip your skirt and ask your permission!

Don't forget the egg hunt to get a Ravenwear dress that wont be on sale ever!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Grid wide egg hunt and ravenwear has a special freebie!

Toko Voom has organized a gridwide easter egghunt on 3-23 and 3-24. Visit my shop to touch and grab the sign and get your starting point for the hunt and check out all the incredible shops on the ticket! In my egg there is a dress that you can not buy in the store and some other goodies as well!!! So make sure to find it and grab it!

Ravenwear Sequin Tops

These tops are shiny and go perfect with alot of items I like them with the vinyl pants for a lil added evilness. They come in 7 colors and are on sale for $75 l a piece! Pop in and pick up your set! Ohhh and alil sneak peak Ravenwear will be in the gride wide egg hunt starting Sunday!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Ravenwear jasleena hair

New hair from Ravenwear this is a baroque style wig but with a more moden update. The colors range from brown to the more offbeat black with green tips and everything in between on sale for $75 a color!

Ravenwear shimmer

Ravenwear brings to you Shimmer a cute babydoll style dress with a sequined top and empire waist. The sculpt sleeves are the perfect addition. Sometimes i get in a mood and now it is a dressy mood lol On sale now at Ravenwear front of the shop $160!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ravenwear Simplicity gown

Alot of details on these cute lil gowns. They come in a handful of colors and have alot of swing and flow. Something different from Ravenwear! On sale front of the shop come in and take a peek!!!

Alienation tat added for sale to Fido Boutique!

This tat set is really awesome and detailed comes with all layers and also a red set not shown in the photo. It is mod no trans copy. It is in the new fido boutique which is located at the old location of the hair shop. Profits from the sales all go to charity! The K-9 New Life Center an all breed dog rescue will receive the donations! We are looking for other designers to make items and place them for sale for charity in this store. So please if you are a designer consider making an item or more for this great cause! For more info please im Raven Lament We want to continue to help raise funds for homeless dogs! Thanks for your support please check out the shop Gurl6 hair is also for sale in the shop!



Ravenwear new neko ears and tails with huds and they match the skins!

These new sets are awesome The sculpt ear is so cute! It has 3 animations options on the hud and the tail has 5 animation options so swish it, twitch it, and spin it! The ears and tails match the new neko skins perfectly! So you have a complete look! The hud also plays 12 sounds by touching it you get a menu and can purrr, hiss , growl and meow til your heart is content! On sale in the body shop near the skins! Shown in the pic is just a few of the colors available! Demo skins in neko skin vendor!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ravenwear woven collar necklace

This necklace can be changed via menu to over 100 color options! It is suitable to add sub scripts to. It is mod copy no trans and is a very cute collar on sale at Ravenwear $150 in the accessories area to the left of the door :D

Ravenwear frolic skirt set

This is a really fun flirty skirt set comes in 5 color options or get he fat pack for only $300. comes with both smart and normal skirt. Looks cute the the new halter top released yesterday! On sale for 90$!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ravenwear Halter tops

These cute tops go with a variety of items from jeans to your favorite skirts or shorts! They come in a handful of colors and at $50l each they are a bargain! Shown all with ravenwear bottoms so you can easily recreate the look in the photo!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ravenwear Sophistication

New cocktail dress with alot of detail comes to Ravenwear available in alot of colors! Perfect for an evening out! I am very pleased with this dress and the detailing and I hope you will be too! On sale front of Ravenwear!

Ravenwear Luck of the Irish Sale!

All green 50% off one day only! Shoes and clothing included in this sale! There are alot of items in green so be sure to check them out and get your copy while it is 50% off!!! Hurry hurry before the 17th is gone!

Ravenwear Cubic Rose scripted necklace

This is a really neat detailed necklace. It has a cubic rose hanging on a gorgeous chain the best part is it is scripted to change color on touch you get a menu asking you to pick it has 28 possible combinations! On sale in the accessory section of the store to the left when you walk in the door :D

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ravenwear Meow Posh Hair

New hair with the kitty cat beanie these are short feisty pony tales! They come in a ton of colors and are full of attitude! On sale in the body shop now located right next to the clothing shop!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

ravenwear Rule Britania Latex

This is a sexy latex set perfect for all you UK girls out there ot hey it has a bit of a punk feel as well! Comes with all layer versions! Very sexy lil set and the latex highlights are awesome all in the right spots!

Ravenwear posted hair!

New hair to Ravenwear with posts and long pigtails off of the back comes in alot of color options ncluding tipped colors. On sale for $75 l a color or fat pack!!!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

This is something new at ravenwear a sculpted kitty beanie

This is something new at ravenwear a sculpted kitty beanie eith cute ears leads down to long flexi locks with dreads mixed in. It is mod copy no trans and comes in alot of colors from black, ice cocoa to black with colored tips like red, blue, green and punk! Demos as always are free!

Ravenwear spring time skirts

These skirts are adorabley cute they go great with alot of looks depending on the color and accessories they are on sale $90l each or the fat pack of 10 for $700. They come with smart and non smart version! Mod and no trans! Shown with one of my sleeveless black shirts also on sale!

Ravenwear Mens Latex

A second new item from Ravenwear and the mind of Francis Kline! This mens latex suit is sexy and clingy! Perfect to be worn with your favorite guns and accessories or even a lil whip :O Comes with all layers includes and in five colors. It is mod, no trans. On sale at Ravenwear

Ravenwear with new Skeleton Latex sets!

Ravenwear has teamed up wtih Francis Kline a very talented designer and close friend to bring you some new goodies! The first is this sexy latex set in a skeleton motif you can pick from five color options or get the fat pack for a big savings! It comes with all the layers under sets and shirts and pants as well as jacket etc. So is very complete! A very sexy way to show off that attitude!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ravenwear Tala Limelight edition

A new flirty mini skirt set with a cute corset that is a jacket layer with skull print on the corset and buckles! This set is a classic look. Comes with prim skirt, glitch pants, socks, and corset. Comes in 4 colors or get the fat pack! This set is in white and neon colors for a really different feeling!


Ravenwear Tala!

A new flirty mini skirt set with a cute corset that is a jacket layer with skull print on the corset and buckles! This set is a classic look. Comes with prim skirt, glitch pants, socks, and corset. Comes in 6 colors or get the fat pack!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Fashion for Fido totals are in

The entire event donations and auction total raised $775.11 in US dollars!!!! It more than double what I thought it would raise! I want to say thank you so much to all that donated, contributed items, and helped to spread the word about the event! It is an amazing feat to be able to do so much good in such a short amount of time! These are the kind of stories that the news needs to hear about from online communities instead of all of the bad myspace publicity! A donation will be going to K9 New Life Center via paypal today! All the money will be used 100% to help care for homeless dogs as this organization in non profit and all 100% volunteer! So you will know the dogs will get all of the benefit!

Ravenwear New Sculpted leather bracers

These are 100% sculpted from the buckles to the spikes. You can also get the double set as well as the single set which is shown. Each set comes with a left and right pair. They are perfect attachments for any bad ass! Pop in they are located in the accessory area in ravenwear!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Posh Hair at ravenwear

A big updo with bangs this style is sure to catch some attention. check out the demo for free. Each color is $75 or the fat pack is a big deal lots of diff colors!

Fido was a success thanks to all!

Thanks to all that supported this awesome charity event totals are not completely in as we are waiting on a few to pay for their auctions but right now it looks like totals will be over $200,000L!!!!! More details to come at a later post! So thanks so much I can not wait to present the donation to K-9 New Life Center! A pic from the show for those of you that missed it!