Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ravenwear jessi Hair

New to ravenwear Jessi hair in black only but with tint script inside. Has lil pony tales that hang off the back with skull barretes and ribbons that flow. Mod, copy no trans demo at the store on sale $75

Friday, June 29, 2007

Ravenwear Gwenivere new hair

Gwenivere is new at ravenwear comes only in black but has a tint script built in so touch and color at will. Long and seductive style with lots of flex! On sale $75 back of the store with the hair!

New Teaser skirts and the FAT PACK!

I have added five more designs for the Teaser skirts. I also added a fat pack all 20 teaser skirt patterns for 2500! Thats half the price so it is an awesome deal for those that can't decide! The skirts are mod and trans. Touch to flip back or front or remove others can do so too but the skirt asks your permission before acting. Pop on in and take home your cute lil scripted skirt today!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

ravenwear death pants set

New for men or unisex a sexy pants set with evil markings on the pants and bottom belt also adorns the waist comes with sculptie cuffs is mod and trans no copy on sale for $140!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Move over dumpster diving harvest a hamper!

Hamper diving is perfect for a clothing shop works the same as the dumpster but smaller more sophisticated design along with an animation that is a bit more dainty than the dumpster one. Mod and copy no trans on sale front of ravenwear walk in the door and it is on the left for sale $450! Demo sitting out to try so you can see the laundry pile at the feet and also the laundry stacked inside the hamper which opens when you harvest!

Rockstar at ravenwear with sculptie cuffs

Rockstar comes to Ravenwear sexy low rise jeans with a cute belt accent, pvc on the leg and sculptie cuffs. The top is blue with lots of highlights! Has chain for the hem Trans and the pants and cuffs are mod. So sexy on sale $140 front of store when you walk in the door! Necklace shown available at Geometrica

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ravenwear Teaser skirts with scripts new styles

Ravenwear has more teaser skirts out! Plaid *shown* leopard, pink leopard, lace and pvc! All ready for you to wear and have fun in! They are scripted so when you touch them you can flip front, back or remove. They also can be controlled by others but ask your permission prior to flipping. On sale $250 per skirt walk into Ravenwear they are on the right wall easy to find!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Corporate at Ravenwear

New to ravenwear this 5 piece set has alot of mix and match possibilities to it. Bikini top, tank shirt, jacket, shorts and skull leggings make a perfect combo. On sale front of Ravenwear $140!

Friday, June 22, 2007

2nd Shape at Ravenwear a touch of the orient

A sweet face and dancer like body Asia is a real head turner. She is shown wearing a new Ravenskin that just came out called Pale Asylum which is also a new release for today sold on the wall opposite the Asia shape. The skins is $600 and the shape is $250 both copy.mod and no trans. Skin has a free demo. Hair shown is by Sunnivah Jiutai she has some adorable asian inspired whimsical hair styles. So pop in and set yourself up a new look perfect for Rp or those that just want a change without the hassle!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Isa Shape at Ravenwear first in a series!

Well I was having some fun shape shifting! Hope you like the work first in a series is Isa. Beautiful, charismatic, seductive yet innocent. This shape will grab anyone and hold them! She is a beauty. She is around 5 foot 9 with lips that would make angelina jolie jealous.Shown with a ravenskin and hair from deviant kitty all sold seperate of course but you can achieve the look without a monsterous price tag! Shapes $250l mod and copy but no trans! Sold near the skins middle of the store!

Ravenwear Sugar Hair

Sweet lil hair style that is mod and copy no trans. comes in your choice of colors for $75 l a piece or you can purchase the mega fat pack for $350 for 6 colors! Made on my size 50 head works for heads ten up or ten down. Hmm what else to say flexi, sassy, shorter style and lots of color!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ravenwear kinis!

Perfect in time for those hot summer months Ravenwear brings you a new bikini set that is just so cute! Comes in red, black or magenta! Low on the rise and just scrumptious. Sexy but not too showy! Check it out shown is red. On sale $100

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New for the men!

Pants set with top and sculptie cuffs pants are mod as are the cuffs! So pop on in and pick a set up or one for your boyfriend cause they are trans! On sale in the mens area near the garage door front of the store

Touch of evil

This set comes with prim open skirt layer with spikes and chains, prim necklace/shoulder spike piece, optional prim top, pvc leather teddy! Mod and trans on the prim bits on sale for $200

Monday, June 18, 2007

Ravenwear inkzzzz tat set

New Full body tat set in the form of undershirt & underpants. Nice detail very tribal! On sale $85

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ravenwear Trend

Full sexy skirt with a lace layer underneath and built in belt! Mod and t rans of course The top is actually a jacket layer so it is a lil bit longer than most skirts. The stockings are sexy and ripped they also match the skirt. Outfit looks great with your fav tat and wild hair btw tat coming soon to Ravenwear! On sale front of store last new display for $150!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ravenwear Trap

Pop in and check out the newness at Ravenwear. Trap features a soft flexi skirt with only two parts being flexi for a gental affect. Built in belt mod and trans. The top is a jacket layer so is a bit longer than usual. Lots of soft curves to the top. Shrots included for under the skirt and also a sexy pair of ripped lace stockings! On sale $150 new area! Also new things added to 50l and less area so pop in and check it out!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Ravenwear Pink Tattoos!

New set has tats built into the top! Sexy bikini top with alot of shimmer! The set also comes with jeans that are oh so cute and as an added detail sculptie cuffs! Looks awesome for a day out on the town or a night at the club! On sale $150 mod and trans!

Ravenwear Katie

This set has an air of mystery slathered in sex appeal. Comes with short shorts, corset top, gloves and stockings looks awesome o na goth or a not so goth! Hair shown in pic also available at Ravenwear as well as skin! $120 Belt coming soon!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ravenwear split Hair!

Platinum and black or red and black hair with flexi and spunk. Mod and copy no trans demo available! On sale $75 l a color!

Ravenwear Teaser Scripted skirts!

New at Ravenwear and Sinister Scripture Teaser skirts! Prim skirts that allow the owner or person touching with pemrission of the owner to flip skirt in the back or front. put it back to nromal or remove completely. When someone else touches the owner of the skirt will get a window asking permission before it flips it. The skirts come in ten different patterns and have a built in cute belt. They are mod and transfer! PVC. Skulls, pinstripes just to name a few. Cute length for showing off that sexiness $250

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ravenwear bondage set with sculptie cuffs

Mmmm yummy shirt/harness and pants set. The pants have a belt adornment and highlights on the places they count! Modifiable to change the look they also have sculptie cuff attachments. The top is a lil bit naughty and awhole lot nice! On sale front of the store $140

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Get Lucky 13 bikin and pants set with sculptie cuffs

This set is really adorable one of my favs that I have put out. Comes with a bikini bottom layer as pants, socks with the wrapping pvc and chains, a sexy bikini top, and hawt pants with sculptie cuffs. Comes in Black, Purple, Blue or Red. Take goth beachwear to the streets!

On sale $150

Friday, June 8, 2007

Scrumdidaleumptcious Fetish Wear

This set consists of strappy shorts, corset jacket and bikini top all in a nice yummy pvc. Comes in black *shown* red and blue. Sexy and unusual design for the pants leaves you strapped up and ready to go on sale $140 front of Ravenwear

Punksneakers new shoe style at Ravenwear

These are suepr cute lil sneakers with differentemblems on the side to represent your passions. Alot of skulls and alot of attitude on sale back wall with the boots (near the hair) for $140 a set mod and trans! Matching sculptie wrist cuffs also on sale for $50 l

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ravenwear sculptie wrist bands!

Check out these sculptie wrist bands for the punk in you! they come in array of fabrics and decorative adornments. You get the set of two bands mod and trans for $50 lindens. They are a perfect topper off for any outfit! Pop i nand check em out on the back wall across from the neko items and hair :) Shown below is one example out of the ten plus available!