Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ticket time

Do you guys watch Jeff Dunham on Comedy Central? He is sooo hilarious who would have thought an adult puppet show could rock so much! lol I just love the comedy he uses and the fact the puppets are rather rude and crude hehe I am a huge fan though of comedy central keeps me company and laughing when I am bored. It would rock to see him live. You can check this site for Jeff Dunham Tickets.

I know it is really hard to find the Apollo theater in NY so you might want to check APOLLO THEATRE TICKETS to see if you can find any tickets for any of the awesome shows that come there. Lots of comedy again. Lately I have needed a good laugh so anything to get it works for me and we are always looking for a cheap ticket sale. It gets expensive sadly. I know i have went to my local comedy club and am amazed at how pricey it can get.

Of course if you are on the other coast you might need some
Hollywood Bowl Tickets I personally have never been to California but I am sure they also have amazing shows there. I know in July they are having a Beatles Celebration. Also alot of cool shows like Chemical Brothers as well. I really need to go see a good show again. I was lucky enough to see the Dropkick Murphy s recently but I got injured in the mosh pit oucheee

My searching

I have been searching for information on DIRECT TV while doing so I came across this website that I found to be very helpful in my search. I am in Virginia and found it very helpful. You can find answers to any of your questions on DirecTV so it really makes finding your options easy. I really had no idea what they had to offer as I use Verizon for my personal service. It is definitely worth checking out. Is DIRECTTV better? Have you had any experience with the company? I used to have cable and to be honest it really sucked. I was really happy to finally get rid of COX. They always seemed to have less of a tv selection. I love the on demand. That is something I am completely addicted to! I just like the fact that on this website it makes it easier to figure out what you are getting. The only thing easier would be a comparison site.

So if you want to let me know your experiences with directv that would rock I know you never know what is out there really until you actually try it yourself.