Saturday, April 26, 2008

Watch the MFA show at Ravenwear broadcasting live!!!!

Come to ravenwear and watch the show see who wins!!! There is a tv set up to stream the media at the landing point for the shop! Remember the show starts at 4PM Second Life Time and again dont forget the freebie it will poof when the show is done it is now located at my main store til end of day! :D

New exclusive freebie at the mfa site! One day only

last day to vote so I wanted to put out a new freebie for today only! Black latex with silver paw prints for him and her! So sexy just buy for 1 linden and you get a copy with all layers! And please if you havent voted show me some lovin. the vote box is the BIG BLACK BOX that says VOTE between the neko gear and feral threads shop right across from me just click to get the vote dialog box! I really appreciate the support thanks so much!! Ohh dont forget to buy the boots there all money goes to charity!!!!

Ravenwear new sculpted boots!

These are so cute they have lil skulls on the frotn and a skull chain hanging off the back! They are on sale for $200 lindens in the shoe department at Ravenwear there are other styles to pick from as well I will slowly be sending out the pictures for them! Dont forget last days to vote for me at the mfa! I really appreciate all the support!!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Ravenwear will be redeisnging sim oppurtunities are open!

I will be redesigning my sim it is very much in the planning stages now I am looking to rent out a few more main shop locations for other designers on this new design. If you are looking to rent a main shop in the future and would like to discuss doing this on my sim please contact me and we can discuss the details like I said this is very much in the planning stages right now but I do want to be able to take all this into account when I redesign!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ravenwear spaced out dreads in a shit ton of colors!

By request I am adding some of the new colors to the older styles now spaced out dreads comes in ice, all the stripes, black punk and all the black tipped, platinum, wine, and cocoa Same awesome price just lots of new colors!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ravenwear Lyricist set

New set comes to ravenwear includes the teaser skirt version or non teaser with bows also has three different sculpt sleeve options so you can pick which suits you better comes with bute blouse, stockings and undershorts with garter or you can be really naughty and wear the teaser skirt and stockings without them :O On sale front of ravenwear!

Monday, April 21, 2008

New Stripey pants and shorts with frilly sculpts!

This pants and shorts set is uber cute with the lil frill cuffs! I just love stripes! You can get the free yellow set with cute lil meow top at the MFA location too The combo is on sale for $100 lindens per color or as usual we have a big old fatty fat pack! And as a wise Ravenwear shopper just said in chat we love furs here and these look cutie on those lovable furballs! Ohh the fur pic shown comes with top and the pants and short set as well only available at MFA during the event! Ok I rambled enough lol

Ravenwear Spring Punk

A new cute lil flirty spring punkish dress from Ravenwear. Come in a handful of colors with a lil skull accent! The stripes run zoom right around your body enhancing those curves on sale $140!last day for the hunt too!! So dont forget to come find the keys before they are gone ends today at 12 midnight!

MFA Fashion Awards ravenwear runway show tonight!

9:30pm - Raven Wear

This is a show for me to show off some of the fashion for the MFA Fashion Awards so if you are on please pop in and check it out I am sure it will be an awesome event it is a short show lasting only 30 mins Thanks again!!! That LM takes you to the lil store i have set up there but the stage is just near by :)

Heather Hair sculpted!

This hair is mostly sculpt with some other bits. It is cute and short coming in a handful of quirky colors it is located in the body shop on the back wall bottom row so come grab a freeeee demo and see if your av looks ohhh lalala. PS I want to thank all that went and voted for me at the awards the voting continues until 4-26 so if you havent made it yet if you can please do. Check past notices for lm

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Merovingi Fashion Awards come check us out

Ravenwear has been nominated to win the best furry designer for the Merovingi Fashion Awards. I want to thank everyone for their nominations! It really makes me feel good to know that other people appreciate my style! So please if you would be so kind to vote for me at the black VOTE box located near my MFA store I would greatly appreciate it! It is just such an honor and I have to admit winning would be such a wonderful surprise! Also by voting you have the chance to win an ipod!!! Yes a RL ipod! So tell your friends!

I have placed a set of new sculpt boots on sale at my Merovingi Fashion Award's shop which you can get to by using the landmark below. All proceeds will go to Doctor's Without Borders and National Breast Cancer Foundation. See pic for what they look like!

I have also placed a special freebie box at the shop with a never to be sold set of pants along with prim shorts and there is also a cute tshirt as well! This freebie will only be at the MFA location during the event. There is also the new release set of the Urban Stripes pants and prim short sets that will not be released in my other stores until after the event! So there is alot of fun going on there! The event last until April 26th and I will be having diff lil promos at my shop until the last day so please stop by!

For mroe info on the awards visit:
News Blogg:

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ravenwear Delight

This is a sexy cute lil set that can be worn with prim skirt ruffle or without! Comes in many sinister color combos accessorize this set right and you get a kick ass combo. Check out the hair in the ad it is from Sinnocent Mirabeau she is having an issue with her pup that needs surgery and is having a buy one get one sale to try to raise money for this surgery which is very $$$ so please check her things out the hair is really awesome and help her with her dog.
Thats to get to Sin's shop

Updated key count!

There are 3 by kindred retail, 3 by attitude is an artform, 3 by Nova, 1 by kopisusu, 5 by Fuel, 1 by Liberte Fashions, 1 by Digital eyes, 3 by Rufeena, 16 by me which include 3 I placed down for +Plus. Hope this helps remember it goes on through 4-21! So dont miss out on the exclusive never to be sold items!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Ravenwear Punker Princess Tutu Set

I love this set! The multi colored tutu matching the spunky lil tshirt! Perfect combo for a punk rock princess! Comes in 5 multi color sets! On sale for $140 front of Ravenwear and dont forget the fun hunt that is going on over the two islands shopping areas with exclusive skins from me and clothing that will never be sold!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ravenwear Hunt is on!! Also a special 50% sale from KopiSuSu!!!

There are 16 keys labeled from Ravenwear plus atleast 9 other keys from other designers!!! So make sure to search both Ravens Requiem and Arias Requiem! Also Kopisusu is having a special sale for the duration of the hunt 50% off her goodies!!!! Can you imagine what a great time to pick up some goodies! She is located near Fuel in the strip mall

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The Hunt for the lost keys is starting at 12 midnight tonight!! It will run until midnight April 21st so pop in there are over 24 keys filled with goodies from Ravenwear, +plus, Kindred Retail, Fuel, and many other awesome designers! They are all renters on the Ravens Requiem and Arias Requiem so please check both islands they are in the shopping areas! Check out the poster for a pic of the keys you will be looking for GOOD LUCK!!!!! Remember not all keys will be out until midnight!

Ravenwear new sculpt boot set with matching outfit!

These are so cute a mini denim skirt with a sweater that comes with prim collar and prim cuffs. And you also get the matching sculpt boots with matching sweater cuff featuring various buttons and safety pins. They are spunky and fun and guess what you get the shoes and outfit for only $300l!!!! or even better get the fat pack of 11 for only $2000 that saves over $1300 off of retail!! Talk about a bargain

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ravenwear sin city featured in Body Doubles Shapes new shape ad

Ravenwear's sin city outfit is featured in a new shape ad for Body Doubles Shapes by Persia Christensen you can visit them at

it looks oh so sexy with the Jessica Alba shape and in store it is sold in other colors as well so you can mix it up a bit! Very cute look and super alluring! So do not miss out on this Second Life look!

Ravenwear Zinnia Full sculpt skirted dress

This is a gorgeous lil party dress. It features a lace up corset top with a full sculpt skirt which has no need for glitch pants. It comes in black, white, red and blue along with my fav the classic black and white stripe. On sale for $150 at Ravenwear or get the fat pack for $250 off of retail!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Ravenwear silk tops

A couple of cute new tops come to Ravenwear on sale for $50l a piece or $200 for all 6! These go great with alot of looks from skirts to pants to capris! They are cute and flirty!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ravenwear is having a huge boot sale from 50-75% off!!!!

I started making some new sculpt boot styles so the old boots are all marked down as low as 50l per set!!! The skull charm boots have been marked down 50%! So pop in and pick up a set!! the fat packs are even a bigger savings! New boots coming out in the next weekish :D

Ravenwear Donatella

New dress with sophistication yet a bit of goth added in. It comes with two style skirts a more fuller and a straight skirt. Also has a lil optional black bow with skull rhinestone accent. Looks so cute on! Pick up a copy front of Ravenwear $140

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ravenwear neko/furry contest winners!

The first place winner is attached taken by Stephanie Tomorrow it captures the cuteness,sexiness and individuality that I try to show in the designs! So congrats and thanks so much!!

This picture won second place taken by Jolita Korobase! It is just the perfect display of the anti barbie concept that Ravenwear embraces! Congratulations!!!!

The third place winner is a gorgeous photo by Cloe Despres. It again shows individuality and a self expression! All the entires were awesome and they will be placed up on the ravenwear flickr group in the next day or two at:

I will also use them as a rotation display at the shop thanks again for all that entered it was a hard choice I couldn't of done it without the judges help!!!!

Ravenwear New Jackson Hair

This is a cute lil pig tail set that is sort of punky to me. It comes in alot of colors from blonde to black with red tips to brown and cyan striped! So pop in get a free demo!

Friday, April 11, 2008

50% off skin sale this weekend!! yay!

Since last weekend sl was so messed the skin sale was not a good idea so I decided to do a diff skin sale for this weekend to make up for it! All skins mens, womens, neko, goth etc on sale 50% off regular price!!!! So get all skins for $200-300L!!!! What a great deal even the new make ups so stock up and get a few colors!

Ravenwear Tutu sets!

These tutu sets are so adorable they come in five colors and feature glitch pants matching top and prim tutu. the feathery texture is so light and airy! On sale front of Ravenwear for $140 a set or get all for $500!

Also last day for neko/furry photo contest so dont miss out on your chance to win a grand prize valued at 2500L!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

$1l 24 hour sale! for a new release :D

Thats right for 24 hours one of the new outfits is marked down from $160 to $1l!!!! It is ragdoll in red which includes 2 diff style skirts, knee highs as well as a shirt that is so cute and flirty! So be sure to pop in and pick your copy up before it is over! Will last through tomorow April 10th 5 pm slt!!!!!

2 more days to get the neko/furry pics in for the contest

Don't forget to submit them! grand Prize is $1500 lindens and a ravenwear shopping spree! So be creative and have fun!

Ravenwear Frilled punk tank tops!

these shirts are so cute I love the emblems on them! They have a frilled collar with sculpt frilled florets in either double one on each side or the single both are included. The tops have alot of punk related emblems on them from heart with wings to one that says being in love is so punk and also alot of skull ones so pick up a single set or get the fat pack for only $350 for 8 shirts!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ravenwear Lucky Chair hair not sold in stores!

This has just been added to the lucky chair this morning! It is a cute color that is something like lily munster with the white streak in the front! So pop in and try your luck at the chair! Get this neat hair style for free!!

Ravenwear Concept Latex

These sets have alot of versatility! Comes with low ride pants, full cat suit pants, single panel skirt, double panel skirt and undies not to mention a crop top and a cat suit top! So you can mix and match as you please! Comes in 6 color options as well! So pop in and pick up a set they are $180 a color or $700 for all! And dont forget the neko and furry contest photo submissions as that is coming up on the 11th!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Ravenwear sheer latex

New some sexy latex in many many color options! This latex is see through in the right spo9ts but if you layer all the layers it is less see through than when wearing a single layer. It is really cute and naughty! Ohn sale at Ravenwear front wall fat pack is huge savings!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ravenwear Evening Out

This is a lil snazzy but with a hip twist sexy vinyl pants with rhinestone hearts go with a velvet coat with sequin embelishments! Comes in four colors and it is so sexy yet conservative! Something different!

Ravenwear Capris

These are some cute lil capris they come with sculpt matching cuffs. They look so cute and look great with your fav tank tops! Get each color or buy the fat pack and save a few hundred lindens!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Ravenwear cargo camos

These are some sexy camo cargos for men they come in 5 colors and all come with prim pockets galore and prim rolled cuffs for the bottom of the pants. They are set to be a lil looser but are copy and mod so you can make them tighter etc. On sale fat pack $350 or $100 a set[/url]

New makeups and lips

I have released some new eye makeups and lip sticks on the new skin tones! The lips are really different! Shiny and some with swirls! So pop in and check them out demos are in each vendor just touch the demo sign to get your copy!!!!

Buy one get one free skin sale at Ravenwear!

In celebration of the new makeups I am having a buy 1 skin get 1 free sale! This means you can pick the free skin you want! Just purchase any 2 skins at Ravenwear on the weekend of April 4th- April 6th. Drop me a notecard with the transaction id information for both all skins bought directions below how to obtain that if you do not know how. I will refund you the purchase price for the lowest of the two priced skins. This means neko skins, fantasy skins, the skinned 2008 line including the just released makeups and the genx skins as well! Any skin at Ravenwear is on this promo! There is no maximum allowed skin purchases if you want to by 4 skins you will get refunded for 2! You buy 100 skins you get refunded for 50! So it is pretty simple!

Please allow me up to 96 hours for the refund to be made to your account. Will probably be sooner but just in case I get swamped :D 􀀀

how to get the transaction history

Please go to the secondlife website and click on " my account" then click on the transcations link located on the right hand side. Find your purchase and copy it entirely (by highlighting it and right click select copy).

Paste the information on to a notecard by pressing control V on the note, make sure it has the transaction number, Date and time. Put your name on the card and a breif description of what happened and send me the note. I will then look up your purchase and resend you the product.


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ravenwear Corduroy mini skirt

These are some mini lil skirts! They come with one prim and are so cute. Short as can be they look really cute with the skoolastic shirts up for sale! They have alot of detailing including stitching on the side. They are on sale for $100 each or get the fat pack which has a bonus color not for sale!

Ravenwear Skeleton themed m ens latex

This latex is hot for the guys! It comes in a variety of colors and is highlighted in all the right spots for a nice musclular build. Mod copy no trans it comes with all layers possible. So you can really mix it match looks! On sale at Ravenwear in the mens section

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ravenwear Spiked Bracers!

Ravenwear Spiked Bracer pair. All sculpt and modable. These are tough looking and can work on a guy with some stretching! Fit perfectly for a womans arms! Shown with one of the shirts from the gothic halter pack! On sale front of ravenwear!

Ravenwear Rag Doll

New skirt set! This is a really cute set and comes in a few colors. Lil half top with glitch pants, socks and two diff skirt styles one straight and one fuller. Set has a rag doll feel looks cute with your fav mary janes. Om sale or get the fat pack for $500!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ravenwear worn pants for men and women

These come in a choice of 7 colors they have sculpted cuffs and have alot of nice detailing. I really love the style of these pants sort of a grunge look and nice and low rise! They also come in a mens version that is higher waisted. All tops shown from ravenwear