Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Merovingi Fashion Awards come check us out

Ravenwear has been nominated to win the best furry designer for the Merovingi Fashion Awards. I want to thank everyone for their nominations! It really makes me feel good to know that other people appreciate my style! So please if you would be so kind to vote for me at the black VOTE box located near my MFA store I would greatly appreciate it! It is just such an honor and I have to admit winning would be such a wonderful surprise! Also by voting you have the chance to win an ipod!!! Yes a RL ipod! So tell your friends!

I have placed a set of new sculpt boots on sale at my Merovingi Fashion Award's shop which you can get to by using the landmark below. All proceeds will go to Doctor's Without Borders and National Breast Cancer Foundation. See pic for what they look like!

I have also placed a special freebie box at the shop with a never to be sold set of pants along with prim shorts and there is also a cute tshirt as well! This freebie will only be at the MFA location during the event. There is also the new release set of the Urban Stripes pants and prim short sets that will not be released in my other stores until after the event! So there is alot of fun going on there! The event last until April 26th and I will be having diff lil promos at my shop until the last day so please stop by!

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