Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ravenwear furniture and summer style trends!

It is that time again I have been shopping for real life swimwear and we know how that is lol So cute on the rack but not always so awesome on the booty. I found shopwikiUK that helps you figure out what kind of suit to buy. I always need some help on that one lol Some swimsuits just look horrendous on certain body types. It is funny I always found that every one even the skinny minnies hate buying swimwear. I guess we all have something about our bodies we hate. I found it really handy to help tame the evil swimsuit shopping beast.

I absolutely love this website for it's ease in featuring the new trends. ShopWikiUK has style guides for every season that hightlight the trends! For the summer trends you will notice so info that is shocking like no more skinny jeans :O I mean didn't they just get popular! It is sooo hard to keep up with the trends but this helps lol. As a designer in second life I like to check the trends out and see whats coming up. Another great wiki article is their spring style guide it might feel like summer out but let's face it spring stuff still is hot! I absolutely adore the fashion scene even if I like to warp it with a flair of weirdness lol

I have now added some horror style items to the store. There are also some awesome lights with glow very modern and very reasonably priced!! So come on in and check them out! When you tp in they are in the first area on your right. There are also some clothing boots and other interesting items available! Also skins have been marked down they are priced for sale! Interesting makeup and awesome skin tones from the realistic to the fantasy! Come in and pick up your selection so you have the perfect one to wear to any event and do not break the bank!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Dropping the price for the island rental check it out

For rent private isle class 5! You have two options renting 1/4 of a private island sim that can be either commercial or private home with full land rights for 20000 lindens a month due at the start of renting. Allowing you the use of 3500 prims! Any commercial business will be allowed except clubs as they cause so much lag and I also have my store on this island :) Anything else is allowed. If that is too large of a chunk for you then you may rent 1/8 of the island for $11000 lindens per month also due at the start of renting. You may make your part private or leave it open parcel whichever better suits your needs. You will have control over the parcel. I will have my store on 1/4 of the parcel of the isle. Email me at

Direct TV has finally been installed and so far so good. I still get to watch my fav shows like House, Dexter ohhh and I watched the finale to survivor last night that so rocked! I know I am a dork too hehe Punk girls watch silly tv shows too lol Satellite Directv has awesome movie selections on it too which keeps me sitting for way too long on the couch. I try so hard to not watch as much tv and I do well for the most part but sometimes the movies get me. I watched the cutest movie Bolt the other day. I cracked up at so many parts in it. I know it is a kids movie but I am a big kid at heart when it comes to these things!!! Tomorrow though I am going to get Valkyrie that new Tom Cruise movie. I actually like some historical movies so this one should prove to be very interesting. Oh well time to get back to my DirectTV

Have fun all in the world of Second Life and check out the shop I have now added furniture costumes etc etc in the main building :D

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Web of Life Animal Shelter

I have started at a new animal sanctuary that I love!!!! The Web of Life has all kinds of animals in need from domestic that are looking for homes to wild life rehab. I have been volunteering my time and spending one day a week at the facility helping to clean up and take care of the animals. This past weekend I got to feed baby raccoons and baby opossum which was amazing! These are all orphaned or injured wildlife that will be returned back to the wild when they are old enough and able. They have cats, dogs, rabbits, goats, horses really you name it in need of good adoptive homes. Web of Life is trying to raise money to build a state of the art sanctuary modeled after the famous Best Friends Sanctuary in Nevada. They need alot of help so if you anyone can donate their time or money please check out the website for more information. Maybe it will be time to do another fundraiser in second life for this organization. If anyone is interested in doing/helping with that please let me know.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summer Vacations and Myrtle Beach

Well it is that time again to start thinking about what to do for the summer. The weather here is starting to get warmer and the summer time is creeping in. Of course in the summer heat all thoughts turn to the beach. I had grown up in South Carolina and have thought about going back for a vacation. I haven't been back since I was a kid. I loved the summers there. We used to stay at North Myrtle Beach Resort It was hot but there was so much to do. I was taking a look around online at some of the other spots in that area and I found North Myrtle Beach Resort to look like the best resort with the nicest location. It looks so gorgeous on the website!!! The thought of staying right on Myrtle Beach and listening to the ocean all night. There would be alot of photo opportunities from the ocean side balconies. I would just love to be able to stay on the ocean and spend a week swimming and playing in the sand. Something that can never be competed with is Myrtle Beach at night! It really is a great sight to sit and watch the full moon set over the beach. If you are lucky enough you might even get to watch some lighting hitting the ocean off shore. Myrtle Beach Resort would be a gorgeous place to stay but we shall see. I wish they had a resort for you and your pets! That is something I should suggest to North Myrtle Beach Resorts. I have so many pets it is hard to go on vacations.

If I remember correctly Myrtle Beach was a dog friendly beach. Life in South Carolina was so much different to the area I am in now even though they are both resort type areas. The beaches were always very clean and I used to find seashells in South Carolina something I rarely find in Virginia. I am not sure if they groom the beaches here or more than likely the sand bar grabs all of the shells up. Anyway I guess I will have to check out Myrtle Beach Resorts and see if it is a possibility. Hope all is well in Second Life and the Real world for you all!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rambling of a second life girl!

Hey guys how are things going? Wow summer is fast approaching and the heat has been turned on! I finally got my fish pond all nice and cleaned out. Unfortunately I have too many fish and have to find homes for some. They just keep making babies which is good I guess that they are happy lol They are gorgeous koi and shubunkin for those of you that are fish familiar. Well atleast that has all been done.

As far as island news goes I have cleared off the 1/4 of the island and it is ready for renting. The monthly rent will be $22,000 lindens and will be yours to do with what you please as long as it isnt not a laggy club other than that private residence or store front is perfect. Just email me at I have not advertised it up on the forums yet as I wanted to pass it along to other designers and fashion fans first. So hit me up before it is gone. I have had long term renters so you know that I am here to stay been in SL since 2004! The pic is a preview of a new hair style that will be coming out shortly!