Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rambling of a second life girl!

Hey guys how are things going? Wow summer is fast approaching and the heat has been turned on! I finally got my fish pond all nice and cleaned out. Unfortunately I have too many fish and have to find homes for some. They just keep making babies which is good I guess that they are happy lol They are gorgeous koi and shubunkin for those of you that are fish familiar. Well atleast that has all been done.

As far as island news goes I have cleared off the 1/4 of the island and it is ready for renting. The monthly rent will be $22,000 lindens and will be yours to do with what you please as long as it isnt not a laggy club other than that private residence or store front is perfect. Just email me at I have not advertised it up on the forums yet as I wanted to pass it along to other designers and fashion fans first. So hit me up before it is gone. I have had long term renters so you know that I am here to stay been in SL since 2004! The pic is a preview of a new hair style that will be coming out shortly!

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