Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cool new site I found that helps with fashion

There is a cool new site called it lets you search for the things you like and hooks ya up much like a google search! I love these kind of websites like price grabber or what not it makes everything so much easier. So I did some searches on my favorite clothes just to sort of see what it comes up with.... Check this out for gothic clothing

Sexy corsets ohhh lalala what I like too is this kinda of sites help inspire designers in second life. Cause lets just admit we are definitely influenced by real life fashion. Ohhh I tried to look for Tripp NYC all you gothy trendy punks should know this brand and it actually came up with stuff that is sooo coool! As dorky as it sounds it is sort of fun to just search and see what ya find. Like searching for mens stuff it even tells ya how to measure for proper fit and has stuff for preps, goth, punks and hip hop. You guys know me I prefer punk! As I do in second life designs but goth is wicked awesome too! I guess I am always looking for real life and secnd life ideas for fashion. I am really a shopaholic at times lol I shop for me and my signifigant other. So this way it makes it easier to ask him wht he likes and doesn't which usually I dont bother I just buy what I like lol isnt that how all girls do it. Hey you can even search for shirt and tie combos perfect for the guys so they know it matches hehe we know how you can be color blind or just style illiterate. I know I am so bad!

Hopefully this will help me with some inspiration I know as a designer I have been one slack chica I did redo the store though it is a complete change! Easier to shop, better organization and styled! So check it out and let me know what you think. I also put alot of my old products on slexchange for $5 lindens and the others as low as $125! So if you wanted some of the old favorites check it out!

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