Thursday, April 23, 2009

The weekend and new hair inspirations

I am really looking forward to this weekend I have a friend who is having a birthday get together on Saturday. It should be a ton of fun! I know more excuses to slow me down getting back into second life lol What can I say you have to enjoy and seize the day. The weather will be awesome for it seems summer has finally poked it's head up for good here in Virginia. I just hope it does not go straight to summer time heat :( that would really just ruin it all!!!! So the weekend is looking awesome! Time to party, let the hair down, enjoy a few drinks etc etc! Maybe watch some of his Direct TV I am still debating swapping over they have some Discount DirecTV offers so that might convince me lol as long as I do not have to climb on the roof and mess with my Direct Satellite TV I can deal lol can you imagine a raven on the roof wearing some tin foil holding a dish!

I have started work on two new hair styles though! So I am excited to see how they turn out. I do not know why but there is something therapeutic about making hair. It is like relaxing I have no idea lol I think I must be insane twisting those prims. I think it is the sheer randomness of it. The clothing works has gotten a little slow for me but I am determined to fight my way back. I love the creativity and really hate to not have it in my life anymore. I have loved some of the new stlyes hitting second life. Ohh and thank you all for your comments on what you like! That really helps me out alot cause I admit I love alot of variety but that is not always the way to go it makes it hard to organize! So thank you so much for the input. So off I go for a day of waiting to pick my dog up from the vet. Thanks all have a good one!

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