Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ravenwear and her tv bloopers

First order of business the fashion front! I sort of wanted some opinions if any of you have the valuable time to give them to me. What styles do you really dig? And what styles do you not think there is enough of in Second Life... Goth, Punk, Retro, High fashion, gowns, etc etc I always liked designing a little bit of everything but I was thinking of definitely being a bit more defined. And how about latex? I mean is there enough of that in game or the more the merrier lol If you are enjoying the blog please subscribe and keep your eye on it :D

I wanted to pose a question to all of you Second Lifers..... Do you guys use cable or Direct TV?
I was considering swapping but do not really know what the differences are like channel wise etc? I have been on cable for a good while so I am a noob when it comes to DirectTV. I know you can get the same channels like HBO and what not but what about like HD and stuff? I can not live without showtime and my Dexter lol that show is soooo addictive for you people that have not seen it. A sereal killer that is a cop I mean wowsers. Well not a cop a blood analyst. Anyway I love that show! A true one of my addictions. So I would definitely have to have Showtime on DirecTV. So I don't know what is the best way to go lol I mean I know for my internet what is the faster that is a no duh thanks to the ever mighty speed test. I just hate the thought of swapping and not being happy.

Ok enough questions for today hehe Raven Lament over and out!!!!


Eloise said...

More good latex is always good.

Good kink-wear other than latex is also good, and oddly lacking in SL.

After that, I like the eclectic mix. I obviously won't buy everything (I don't buy everything from any designer I know) but I'm more likely to buy stuff in a different style from a designer I know than visit a store that sells only gowns for example, unless I'm specifically shopping for a gown.

Green Dream said...

I'd like to see more rave-type that isn't huge baggy-pants, myself. The Star Struck pack is one of my favorites because it's cute with color and alternative.

I also really like the Dark Aria and Rubber Reyna sets for their futuristic, combative/heroic and edgy feel. That kind of latex, which isn't just for kink - is very nice to have.

Finally, I love my Mana Moon dresses, but I'm a fantasy nut. :P They have an elegant, yet exposed-natural feel to them. They're sensual while still mystical and priestess-like.