Friday, April 17, 2009

Purse inspirations

The weather is fine here and in second life. I am loving the time outdoors! I started doing alot of photography and find myself drawn to the world of fashion more than ever. Allowing the looks of the clothing to complete and really pull together a gorgeous stunning photo. I have bee doing alot of online shopping as well as shopping in thrift stores. Believe it or not you can find some really great items in the thrift stores and make great looks as seen in some of my newest photos. The fashion spot I have not yet conquered is really purses and jewelry. I have to admit I have always used these furry little backpack creatures as purses but for photo shoots they really do not cut it :( So I am finding myself interested in the new styles for handbags and jewelry.

I started checking out Lucky Brand designs. They have some really cool grass roots looking items such as their infamous denim but they also carry some really cool purses. The style sort of reminds me of the more rugged yet classic look. I am debating if I can be pulled away from my traditional furry stuffed animal friends or not. I have to say I like the 13th item on the Lucky website. Kinda simple black purse but with some cute bling on it. I adore the vintage look. I am a punk girl by nature but I really do like a wide variety of items. I am noticing with doing the photo shoots I am exploring different styles. The last purse on the website is actually really cute too a little bit of the more rockabilly look. To see some of my photography please visit:

Until next inspiration have fun and be fashionable!

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