Friday, November 13, 2009

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Sick time and the television

I have been blessed to have on demand access with my tv or I would have gone insane. This flu has had me locked up now for days. Nothing to do too tired and weak to make alot of effort so it is me and my tv. The ability to pull up my shows to keep my sad little mind occupied really did make the discomfort of the flu a little mroe bearable. The aches and pains and groaning associated with the flu got to be a bit much to handle after the first day. I would curl up with my blankie an pillows and turn on showtime and californication on Direct TV.

The new season apparently started a good many weeks ago but I just discovered it. I have always watched it before but got caught up in the Dexter excitement. Californication is definitely a different creater than Dexter. The theme is also very mature as it involves strong sexual content but it is an interesting perspective on life. My DirectTV keeps me up to date on the show even when I get too busy lol. So I curled up with 5 episodes of Californication today all nice and warm and snuggled in. As I said my Directv really kept me sane for those sick times. If I had no tv when I was sick I would definitely lose my mind. I am not a huge TV watcher but when I am sick it becomes my best friend!

Sickness and a musical

Well needless to say I have been sick with the flu. How horrible is that. We also just had a nor easter come through that flooded my streets to the point of not being able to leave. I was supposed to see the Evil Dead Musical but I was unable to attend. I had never heard of it before it is something out of Canada. Lots of blood and gore and well music. I never really was of a musical fan but I thought I would give it a shot. I mean alot of people love them. Look at Broadway etc etc So they can not all be delusional right? I am looking at other musicals to perhaps check out as I have seemed to missed my chance to catch the Evil Dead one. I happened to see an advertisement for The Addams Family Musical. That looks interesting I loved the show as a kid. To have a gorgeous house like that and omg the car was to die for. I actually had my house in second life custom built to look like their house. The Addams Family tickets would be kind of hard for me to aquire but they may come down my way.

I can say with all certainty I will not be interested in High school musical tickets. That is definitely not my style at all. I could not sit through hours of that uughh. It is bad enough it was on my on demand advertisement for awhile. I have to say I am a little sad while in NY I was unable to attend any of the shows. There are so many theaters to pick from like JACOBS THEATRE TICKETS. Maybe next time when I go I can take in a good show. I miss the lights of the city and the hustle and bustle. I am sure a show in the city would make it all worth the commuting via subway, cab, bus, or ferry.