Friday, November 13, 2009

Sick time and the television

I have been blessed to have on demand access with my tv or I would have gone insane. This flu has had me locked up now for days. Nothing to do too tired and weak to make alot of effort so it is me and my tv. The ability to pull up my shows to keep my sad little mind occupied really did make the discomfort of the flu a little mroe bearable. The aches and pains and groaning associated with the flu got to be a bit much to handle after the first day. I would curl up with my blankie an pillows and turn on showtime and californication on Direct TV.

The new season apparently started a good many weeks ago but I just discovered it. I have always watched it before but got caught up in the Dexter excitement. Californication is definitely a different creater than Dexter. The theme is also very mature as it involves strong sexual content but it is an interesting perspective on life. My DirectTV keeps me up to date on the show even when I get too busy lol. So I curled up with 5 episodes of Californication today all nice and warm and snuggled in. As I said my Directv really kept me sane for those sick times. If I had no tv when I was sick I would definitely lose my mind. I am not a huge TV watcher but when I am sick it becomes my best friend!

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