Friday, March 30, 2007

Ravenwear Tripp single prim skirt sets!

Ohhh come on in for a new look! Cute outfit comes with shorts, single prim skirt, striped tube top and two undershirt tanks one in black and one in white ohhh lets not forget arm warmers and leg warmers! Pick from red and white, aqua and white, black and red or black and white! Cute lil set!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Trash Bins for freebies

Yes you heard right due to popular requests we decided to make a more classy version of the dumpster. The trash bins come in a variety of styles and they are also modable as well as copiable. They are no trans. New animation for a lil more sophisticated approach to trash diving. These items help increase traffic and are just great fun for people! Buy and place on your land so people can put their transferrable items inside for other people to enjoy! On sale at Ravenwear and also at Sinister Scripture!

Ravenwear After Hours

This sassy lil number features a cute textured flexi skirt and sexy striped tank top. The skirt is moddable and transfer so you can fit it for your body. It is perfect for a day at the office or some after hours fun pop in and check it out in the middle of new store on the new display area near the skins. On sale $140!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Get Rugged with Ravenwear

Rugged is a really feisty set. Comes with shorts, top, glove layer and socks. all accented with buckles and belts. A great way to show off those curves and wiggles. The shorts are very short leaving a lil of the booty hanging out. Looks great with boots or heels! On sale each color is $120 a set

Monday, March 26, 2007

Brush and Camp camping device for sale

You have seen it at Ravenwear well now you can have it for your shop! Thank you for your interest in the Brush and Camp. You can see it in action at Ravenwear The table and stool is modable so you can change color etc etc. The script is not moddable. When you touch the table you are given a brush prop to use. The item is 38 prims but could be modded to remove the fluff under the table and the chair to drastic lessen the prim count.
This item allows 2 people to camp and pays out $2 linden every 5 minutes. It is a great way to double your traffic!
This is a group set camper so when you place down you set it to the group you want to be able to use it. This helps you by ensuring that only people interested in your product will be gaining money back off of you and not just the random noob.
Other than that just rez and say yes when it asks twice to take money from you and all ready to go!

Be a Goddess of the Dark

These sexy boots are high heeled with lil dangly chains with crosses and other items hanging off. They look hawt with pants or a skirt. On sale for $200 They are located in the boot section or also on the New NEW wall hehe!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ravenskins are out!

I know Raven has been quiet for a while but I have the skins out took me am onth of messing and fixing to get the perfect look!!! You can read about them here: just scroll down to the second article a sneak peak review! They are now out for sale. Three tones 50 makeups and all demos!!!! So pick up a set of demos find your antibarbie look! Each skin is $600. Also the new store is officially open so update those lms the old one is being plowed under today! So come check it out new clothing to be added soon!!! lucky chair and dumpster for diving!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Where has Raven been?

Well to answer this question I have been amking skins! I got a new line being released!!! They are really a big improvement from my last skin go round with makeup choices galore! And yes girls a full line of demos so you can try them on. So when will these skins be out for sale.... Well I am shooting for this weekend when I also reveal my new shop and shop design!!! Sooooo hold your breath and in the meantime check out this awesome article at appearnce mode the wroter was so sweet to feature some of my designs!

In the meantime check out an old favorite design and snuggle up by the fire and the newness will be coming out soon!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dumpster Diving comes to Ravenwear

So you want to give a try at dumpster diving? An infamous redneck past time comes to sl! So give it a shot see what goodies you will find! Have an inventory full of stuff? Well you too can dump your items into the dumpster! All you have to do is just ctrl--> drag item! All items must be boxed and transfer! So clean out your stuff and let others enjoy!!!!! It is a fun past time that comes with the best things in sl ever FREEBIES!!! Ohhh please put only transfer items in! Thanks and tell your friends! The dumpser is available to other land owners too. It is $450 and is copy no trans. It includes the custom animation and script that allows you to place items into the dumpster not to mention the nifty dumpster loaded with trash!!!!Dumpster also empties it's visable trash contents when their are no more items to be given away. Whispers to nearby avatars to let them know you can DUMPSTER DIVE! The dumpster and for sale box is located out front of Ravenwear so you can come check it out! Works great as a freebie giver or even as a form of camper cause people can stay and grab freebies!

End of Days at Ravenwear

Ohhh a new release from Ravenwear ok amidst the skin making and island redo I decided to pop out a new outfit for all you fashion fiends!!!! This is a sexy black pants set. Including bra top, pants and arm wraps. Lots of sexy details on both the top and the pants add to the set looks great for a goth, vamp or just sex goddess!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Happiness is... at Ravenwear

Pop on in for a $100 outfit from Ravenwear. Camo top with a very vintage faded Linus from the peanuts and the saying happiness is a sad song. Camo pants that are modable with strap accents and a low rise are a great match with ripped and distressed gloves! Pop on in and check it out!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Rainbow Brite comes to Ravenwear!

This is a cute set! Comes with a camo vintage tee with Rainbow Brite on the front. The jacket is a dark distressed denim with lil star accents. The pants are also vintage with a cute belt and adorable star accents as well! On sale $120 at Ravenwear so pop on in! Also added a new outfit to the $50 and less wall!!!!