Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ravenwear is trying something diff

Since I have not been as active making clothing I have decided to start keeping you guys updated on whats going on in my life fashion wise, car wise and well just everything. I miss all of my second life friends and would love to keep up to date! I do plan on joining the world of Second Life again as I actually recently have redesigned my store. I am also looking for a renter to rent 1/4 of an island parcel for a very reasonable price! You would have full control of this parcel! So hit me up if you want some more information! The image shown above is one of the new Ravenwear hair styles please check it out!

My one close friend just got the niftiest new car a dodge caliber. Hers is white well more of a cream ish color. I think it is hot someone needs to make them for Second Life lol She also checked out the Dodge Journey. I liked the Dodge Journey it was one of those kinda neat cross overs that are so popular recently. I was lucky enough to go with her and got to test drive the new Ford Fusion sort of made me wish I was out car shopping but unfortunately that wont be for quite some time! In alot of ways I am just a truck kinda girl anyway I can not help myself! l I think we need more cars in Second Life and I think these just might bring some inspirations to the people talented enough to build and script! Personally I love black, silver and blue cars hint hint hehe.

I hope everyone is doing well and that you all had an enjoyable easter! Keep your eyes open for Ravenwear as I have not fallen off of the Earth... well not quite just yet.