Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Awesome concerts coming up and rent part of the isle for a steal!

I am looking to rent out 1/4 of an island sim for a very reasonable rate please contact me if you are interested or for more details. Would be perfect for someone wanting a store location or for a private home. My store will be remaining on the island I am a very flexible parcel renter and very easy to get along with. No drama here I promise!!! I just have not had time to use the entire island and would lvoe to rent it out for a small fee basically tier cost to someone else that will get some enjoyment out of it. So email me at sablewolfeyes@verizon.net for more info or questions!

This week has been a busy one for me. My friends birthday was today. He is a really awesome person so I wanted to do something special for it. I baked some awesome brownies that rocked and no for those of you who are asking they were not THOSE kind of brownies lol I also got his some surprise prezzies and he was just so appreciative. I love making people's birthdays special for them! I had a blast.

We have some awesome music shows coming to the local amphitheater include marilyn Manson :O with slayer and some other metal bands. Sounds like it will be a great time I found getting my tickets from Key Arena Tickets is handy dandy for me! They have all of the Target Center Tickets making it easy and good prices too. They even have theatre tickets I dont know if I will be going there anytime as I am more of a concert girl! You can also get Citizens Bank Park Tickets thought I would pass the info along nothing like making life easier!

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