Monday, May 18, 2009

Dropping the price for the island rental check it out

For rent private isle class 5! You have two options renting 1/4 of a private island sim that can be either commercial or private home with full land rights for 20000 lindens a month due at the start of renting. Allowing you the use of 3500 prims! Any commercial business will be allowed except clubs as they cause so much lag and I also have my store on this island :) Anything else is allowed. If that is too large of a chunk for you then you may rent 1/8 of the island for $11000 lindens per month also due at the start of renting. You may make your part private or leave it open parcel whichever better suits your needs. You will have control over the parcel. I will have my store on 1/4 of the parcel of the isle. Email me at

Direct TV has finally been installed and so far so good. I still get to watch my fav shows like House, Dexter ohhh and I watched the finale to survivor last night that so rocked! I know I am a dork too hehe Punk girls watch silly tv shows too lol Satellite Directv has awesome movie selections on it too which keeps me sitting for way too long on the couch. I try so hard to not watch as much tv and I do well for the most part but sometimes the movies get me. I watched the cutest movie Bolt the other day. I cracked up at so many parts in it. I know it is a kids movie but I am a big kid at heart when it comes to these things!!! Tomorrow though I am going to get Valkyrie that new Tom Cruise movie. I actually like some historical movies so this one should prove to be very interesting. Oh well time to get back to my DirectTV

Have fun all in the world of Second Life and check out the shop I have now added furniture costumes etc etc in the main building :D

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