Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ravenwear furniture and summer style trends!

It is that time again I have been shopping for real life swimwear and we know how that is lol So cute on the rack but not always so awesome on the booty. I found shopwikiUK that helps you figure out what kind of suit to buy. I always need some help on that one lol Some swimsuits just look horrendous on certain body types. It is funny I always found that every one even the skinny minnies hate buying swimwear. I guess we all have something about our bodies we hate. I found it really handy to help tame the evil swimsuit shopping beast.

I absolutely love this website for it's ease in featuring the new trends. ShopWikiUK has style guides for every season that hightlight the trends! For the summer trends you will notice so info that is shocking like no more skinny jeans :O I mean didn't they just get popular! It is sooo hard to keep up with the trends but this helps lol. As a designer in second life I like to check the trends out and see whats coming up. Another great wiki article is their spring style guide it might feel like summer out but let's face it spring stuff still is hot! I absolutely adore the fashion scene even if I like to warp it with a flair of weirdness lol

I have now added some horror style items to the store. There are also some awesome lights with glow very modern and very reasonably priced!! So come on in and check them out! When you tp in they are in the first area on your right. There are also some clothing boots and other interesting items available! Also skins have been marked down they are priced for sale! Interesting makeup and awesome skin tones from the realistic to the fantasy! Come in and pick up your selection so you have the perfect one to wear to any event and do not break the bank!!!!

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