Saturday, March 6, 2010

My searching

I have been searching for information on DIRECT TV while doing so I came across this website that I found to be very helpful in my search. I am in Virginia and found it very helpful. You can find answers to any of your questions on DirecTV so it really makes finding your options easy. I really had no idea what they had to offer as I use Verizon for my personal service. It is definitely worth checking out. Is DIRECTTV better? Have you had any experience with the company? I used to have cable and to be honest it really sucked. I was really happy to finally get rid of COX. They always seemed to have less of a tv selection. I love the on demand. That is something I am completely addicted to! I just like the fact that on this website it makes it easier to figure out what you are getting. The only thing easier would be a comparison site.

So if you want to let me know your experiences with directv that would rock I know you never know what is out there really until you actually try it yourself.

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