Monday, March 31, 2008

Ravenwear Neko and Furry Photo Contest

Ravenwear Neko and Furry Photo Contest

As a way of saying thanks for your support and nominations for the best Furry Designer in the Merovingi Fashion Awards I wanted to hold a photo contest specifically for Furry and Neko avatars. I love the community and I love the looks you guys put together for your avs. This photo contest is to be used as a showcase for those looks! The contest will start April 2nd and will end of April 11th. The winners will be announced on April 12th. So what are the goods? Each av may submit up to 2 photos of their furry/neko avatar featuring one piece of Ravenwear product it can be pants, shirt, tat, jewelry, hair etc etc it just has to be one piece included in the look. The photos can be taken anywhere in sl they can also be manipulated in photoshop as to be placed on a non sl background. This contest is first and foremost about creativity. I am a real life photographer and love the way the camera can catch a moment, an emotion, and a glimpse into the soul. I would love to see your best photos from sl that capture the same! So please submit them to me full perms so I can blog the winner as well as hang the winning photos in my shop. Placee them in a folder named Ravenwear photo contest YOUR NAME. Inside please include your photos and if you like a notecard about your photos. Hand them to me Raven Lament.

Prizes are as follows:

Grand Prize $1500 lindens and a Ravenwear shopping spree of $1000L
Second Prize a $500L shopping spree at Ravenwear and $500 lindens
Third Prize a $500 shopping spree at Ravenwear

The photos will be judged by myself and a panel of judges. Anyone may enter. No group photos. Photos submitted may be used in the Ravenwear store in the future. The photos will remain your property but you are allowing me to use them in anyway I see fit in ads, store hangings etc.

Thanks so much

Raven Lament

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