Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ravenwear Grand Opening and half off new releases!

Grand opening events!!!!! Special info you need to know!

Second Look Studios has an awesome freebie! Texture-Changing Model Set with pose stand ($0) Located in-shop near the entrance of the studio!

Don't forget to click the raffle ball located near the DJ stand prizes being given every ten minutes!

Trivia questions are being asked every 20 minutes first one to IM Raven Lament with the correct answer gets a prize! Some prizes valued at over $1000l !!!

Prizes in the raffle ball and for the trivia questions from Aurum, SD, +Plus, Fashionity Fantasy, Nova, Aqua, Cerebus, Sexy Catz Fashions, *ChEeKyMinXy*, Ravenwear and Caseys Creations Costumes. So be sure to click it for EACH raffle.

Don't forget this sim has areas to hang out and explore feel free to use it for your rping needs! From the creepy hospital to the gothic church please explore all the areas and have fun!!!

Please vsit the fido boutique upstairs inside Ravenwear and buy some neat outfits and accessories and let your lindens help homeless dogs at the K-9 New Life Center. The last event raised over $775 US for the charity!!! So lets keep it coming in and help to save the life of a homeless dog!

Fashionity Fantasy has an awesome dollarbie so don't forget to pick it up!!!!! Before long it will be gone!

CheekyMinx has lowered prices on my older items and have some freebee's and a couple of new items for the grandopening. So pop into her store and make sure to play on the banana teeter totter and all the other playground items to bring out your inner kid!

Ravenwear has released a dozen new items today for the even and they are all marked 50% off of the normal price for the evening of the event only!!! So make sure to grab your favorites or poof the markdown will be over with!

DesignStorm has put out some new horror items such as gloody hospital exam table, medical gurney, and the filing cabinet of death! Be sure to check these out his shop is across on the far side of the island also make sure to go upstairs he has a ton of freebies in a vendor!

Sale @ Sn@tch on Raven's Requiem

All Latex Pants on sale for $50 L (Regularly $175 L)

Free Granny's Bones Dress
Free Cheetah Gloves
Free Punk Band Pants, Fallen Angel Cropped Tee & Cock is huge in Japan Tee


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