Saturday, July 18, 2009

Been watching some movies

I saw my best friends girl which was an awesome hilarious movie for those of you that haven't picked this one up yet. Dane Cook is hilarious. He brings his raunchy comedy to a new level in this comedy masterpiece. I laughed sooo hard through the entire movie. Dane Cook really deserves a Best of the Best Awards. I have to warn this is not a movie for the youngsters it is full blown R rated material. If you loved Superbad you have to see this movie! It also has the American Pe dude Jason biggs in it.

He is just soooo hilarious. He was also in good Luck Chuck for those of you that might have missed that movie. Dane was the guy that never found the right one. All the girls he dated went on to get married. He makes due by having lots and I mean lots of women lol until he meets Jessica Alba the girl of his dreams and now he wants to break the curse. It was a cute comedy. BoB Awards are definitely somewhere Dane deserves a nomination he is a great comedian and talented actor. Dane Cook was also on saturday Night Live on and off. He does stand up comedy as well which is hilarious!! Blog Awards would be a great way to shout out for the actor that rocks it over and over again! So Please nominate me in the Best of the Best Awards.

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