Friday, July 24, 2009

summertime and the things we do

Summer time has again kept me out of Second Life. The island is still there and the world goes on without my cute little avatar waving around flittering in her pretty outfits and freshly designed pixelated clothing. I do miss the time but things have been keeping me busy! I went to see the vans warped tour the other day and it was awesome! The bands were all filled with angst of punk! The audience was such a huge mix of people! The fashions were amazing! If it comes to town I would highly reccomend it!

I have been considering getting a new car. Mine has been around a little while and I always get nervous it will have issues while i am out and about. Nothing worse than getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken car. It is sad cause we all like little sporty cars like audi a4 but when we have multiple dogs sometimes it is more practicule to get the dreaded mini vans lol It is sad as we get older and no I am not telling my age but you have to sometimes get a bit more practicle about your cars. Prices are pretty good right now since the economy sucks in a huge way so might be time to look. Hey I could get the ultimate in car safety and get a volvo. For some reason I find the volvo a bit funner than a minivan. It is like the yuppy mom vehicle. I personally like something that gets me to and fro. I know, I know I am so picky aren't I? Actually if the truth must be told I have always wanted an older restored car but I do know they are alot of money to keep going on the road not to mention the fect that they suck down gas like it was going out of style and with the prices at the pump I will pass. So I guess I will have to give in and get something that makes mroe sense! Hope your summer is bright and shiny!

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