Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Concerts and the feeling of being a sardine

Recently I went to go see a show. I was excited to head to the venue and get all dressed up so I could enjoy some great entertainment. As I pulled into the parking lot it was definitely a packed event! The hustle and bustle of people walking up to the stadium made it all the more exciting. As we neared the entrance area this is when things got out of hand. It seems they had no real levels of crowd control. People were pushing and cutting in the lines to get in. The lines all merged together into one cacophony of people. The lack of barricades was very apparent. People were swarming trying to get in at the same time. You would think there was a celebrity right on the other side of the door. I do not understand why people are so impatient. It is better to just get in line and wait out your turn! As the crowds slowly funneled inside. Inside the door they finally used some stanchions to keep a bit of order. What is funny you would think this was a metal show and it was just a comedy show! So why people were so rude I will never get. Once inside and in my seat the night really kicked off. I had a good laugh and enjoyed a good time with friends despite the crowd control and the fact that I felt packed like a sardine at the start and by the end of the night I felt like I was lead in with a velvet rope! It was a really good show I never laughed so hard for so many hours!

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