Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Girls that blog rock

I was surfing the web and decided to check out other female bloggers. There are just so many blogs now a days it is hard to navigate through it all. Apparently there are a good many of girls that blog about life, love and just stuff in general. I have definitely learned a lot thanks to surfing around on the web. It is always awesome when you find someone who has the same ideas or likes that you do. The world can definitely be a bit overwhelming at times so it is nice to see there are "others" out there like you. I came across Pretty in Pink which is a pretty cool blog. It has a lot of fresh ideas on it. It is some what cathartic to be able to blog about things and get them off of your mind. I enjoyed checking out her ideas and thoughts so I wanted to pass it along! Not to mention anything pink already wins some brownie points from me! I never used to be a fan of the color but then something happened lol and I decided it was a new staple in my wardrobe!

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