Friday, January 14, 2011

Wisdom Teeth

Well today I have to have my wisdom teeth yanked. I am deciding to be a big girl and get all 4 done at one time. I have heard horror stories and then on the other end people saying they ate pizza the same day. I of course am hoping for the latter. I used to have an extreme fear of the dentist. I had put off going for years when something happened ... I over came my fear and started going reguraly. As a matter of fact I go every six months for cleanings. I learned that going to the dentist as well as brushing teeth and flossing all the time really is worth it in the long run. I had to have a root canal due to not going so I am now aware of what is at stake. Wish me luck fellow avid bloggers!

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Eddie said...

Glad to know that you faced your fear on going to the dentist and have the courage to go through a lot of dental procedures. years go, I've also had this fear of going to the dentist not knowing how my oral hygiene have become worse. And that's the time that I went to a cosmetic dentist (Atlanta, GA area) and this cosmetic dentist in Atlanta put porcelain veneers on me for me to improve my appearance.