Thursday, January 13, 2011

Art in the hall

There are so many amazing artists around. I find myself being pulled into a more pop art type style that represents current on going pop culture with a simplistic yet well done artistic creation. A cohesive color scheme paired with a linear scheme invokes a certain feeling. It really brings a seriousness to the piece. Shepard fairey art shows both these two elements in the art. I like how the prints bring together a certain feeling. They feature current and past events and tell a story. Shepard fairey prints to me are best framed in a simplistic black thin style frame. This frame does not take away from the feel of the original art. I am not a fan of ornate frames in which the frame becomes the piece of art and the art itself is overshadowed.

Obey giant art brings a certain message with the art. I find this very important. I love the way something beautiful can also have a powerful voice. Art is a wonderful tool to use to express your views with the world. My newest area to decorate is the hallway. I used to have photos up but decided I wanted to put some art pieces the lead your eye down the hallway. I think I will go with something in this genre as it really makes you think as you view the piece and is also eye catching as well.

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