Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WInter's harsh effects on skin

The winter months are so dry and harsh on your skin. You really need to keep up with a beauty regiment to keep your skin from aging. I have tried alot of products over the years from the expensive to the down right cheap but it is alway hard to find a complete system that your skindoes not have an adverse reaction to some part of the beauty routine. I have had issues with the heavy night creams bothering me or in some cases the purifying masks turning my face bright red. I have found a system that works will leaving my skin soft, smooth and supple. It just takes that one line to solve the issue of dry, tired, winter skin. THe price is about average running less than some of the lines carried in Macy's or Jc Penneys. I actually like the mail order option so if I do not feel like going to the mall to resupply all i have to do is order over the net and have it delivered. I highly reccomend trying Meaningful Beauty skin line by Cindy Crawford. It comes with 8 different pieces in the set so you truly have a creme or cleanser for all events. The price is right and the product works well all around. SIgn in to the website and give it a shot you will not be disappointed!

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