Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fall fun days!

In the midst of life we all need to get away with a good release. For some people it is travel for others movies or music events. I personally love a good metal show. The energy, the screaming and chanting of the crowd. I was looking forward to seeing Ozzy Osbourne. A little interesting tidbit I read is that Ozzy has weird genetics. Apparently researchers are studying his DNA and have found he is mutant which is why he did not die from all the drugs and alcohol. I know it sounds weird I had to reread it lol Now they are not saying he is mutant like xmen just in some way he has a tolerance. This is not why I wanted to see him but I thought it was an interesting side bar. He is playing at St Pete. You can find some great tickets at ST. PETE TIMES FORUM TICKETS

There is something about football games in the fall. Sitting in a stadium with the cool wind and warm blankets snuggling underneath with a fellow football fan. I am really interested in someACC Mens Football Championship Tickets so I can experience the fun and eat some yummy hot dogs and drink beer!

One thing I do not understand is the fact that our Verizon Amphitheater closes in the fall. I think it is the best time for out door concerts. It is very close to my house and i would love to see a nice concert outside in the fall with the leaves changing in the background and the wind blowing. I wish I was able to find some VERIZON CENTER TICKETS for fall it would make it all perfect.

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